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why should I have to visit Peru?

Tourism in Peru

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    you want to visit Peru you need to know Cusco, one of the best places in latin america, of course inside Cusco you could visit the Famous Machupicchu, also if you wish to know more about the culture you could live with a local hostfamily where you will taste delicious food and improve more your Spanish skills, there are many things to do in Peru, if you want to support some projects (volunteer job with kids) you have many projects to choose, just check out those webs about Peru:

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    The Peru is famous for their beautiful and impressive ancient sites "Machu Picchu", Inca Trail hikes, Colca Canyon in southern Peru, plenty of benches and walls for sitting of Plaza de Armas, artificial Uros islands, Santa Catalina Monastery, northern Pacific coast Nazca Lines, Iquitos (Amazon River), sandy beach Máncora, vast adobe city of Chan Chan, tiny oasis town Huacachina, beach resort and entertainment center Miraflores, an ancient Inca temple Ollantaytambo, Paracas National Reserve, Pisac Market, Remote and spectacular Choquequirau city, Manu National Park, Salinas de Maras, Sipan, Sacsayhuaman, Cordillera Blanca, Moray and Kuelap. So, I think, we will need to visit the amazing creation of this place.

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    Hi Carlos,

    Peru has a lot of places to visit (historic sites, mountains, jungle, wild animals, beaches, wonderfull landscapes, excelent cousine, deserts, sunboarding, adventure, rafting, etc.). I think that a good way to see it is watching this interesting site:

    There, you'll see the most important tourist areas to visit and a very summary and graph mode.

    Good look!

    Source(s): . Fortunately, I travelled to the most important touristic cities in Peru and also, I found this information at an important peruvian travel agency web site My family and me travelled with this company and our trip was really perfect.
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    i am an american from Baltimore, Maryland. i love it there. it is a wonderful place. i have been all over the world mostly asia. i even met my wife there and we are happily married for almost one year now.

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    it has lots of cool places to visit like machu picchu, the nazca lines and a lot more

    Source(s): im from there
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    Great tourist place, lots of culture

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