Help with Creative Nonfiction?

I need to write a creative nonfiction story about five pages long, about the poet Emily Dickinson.

I know a lot about her life, I just need some ideas on the actual story to write...

She lived in seclusion for a long while, writing letters to a few people (whom she may have had romantic feelings for), and her poems were based a lot on love, death, and religion (though she never made an open commitment to God).

Any help?

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    1 decade ago
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    I have to write creative nonfiction for a contest but I thought I'd stop and give you some advice even though i'm lookin for my own.

    Do some extensive research on her life.

    Pick an event in her life, whether it's when she first fell in love, her first poem was written and published...something

    or choose 2 events

    and start writing a story based on the event.

    The event is's fact....your creativity comes in when you start writing. What I mean is, pretend you chose a certain event that made her meet a guy and fall in love: you'd start the writing by her waking up (write in story form) and then eventually the event that is factual happens in the story.

    You can stretch the truth, make time seem longer than it really is but the jist of it is that the event happened. By stretching the truth I mean you will write about her boyfriend illuminating as bright as the sun and he seemed to have a halo over his head or something. Write metaphors and things like that.

    Have fun and good luck.

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