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If older women who like younger men are called "cougars", what do we call older men who like women younger?

I said "like WOMEN younger"

I am not talking about bastages that like underage girls.


Aw. I'm sure one of Viv's back-ups is the one giving thumbs down.

Update 2:

Oh, jeez. Talk about double standard. I was 20 when I met my then 29 y/o bf. I'm now 31 and he's about to be 41 in June. As long as both parties are consenting ADULTS and they have enough in common to try to make things work, there is nothing wrong with it.

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    Then like 'em all usually anyway right..

    I know I do.

    Age is just a number.

    so long as they are adults of course.

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    Cougars are disgusting. The reason why people do not put them down as much as older men with younger women has to do with modern feminism, which views men in a negative light. That is why women can do some rather messed up things and get away with it. A female teacher had sex with a teenage male student, and she did a couple of years in jail, but then and married that same student. If it were a male teacher having sex with a teenage girl, he would be lynched. Society is full of unfair double standards. I am in my 30s and often have younger women approach me, and I tend to hesitate because of the social implications of being an older guy with a younger woman.

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    Men just get to be called "pigs" no matter what we do. We don't even get a show named after us though there is a wonderfully sensationalized program called "Cougars" I do believe.

    This question like the people who use such "nicknames" is a broad generalization.

    The men vs. women war only drags on because people want it to.

    "Men cause PMS"

    "Women are the reason I drink"

    "Why is chocolate better than men?"

    "Why are dogs better than women?"

    Etc, etc, add nauseum. I find it a bit tiring and much like political parties, outdated and useless myself.

    Is what people think of your relationship really as important as the relationship itself? Be happy with one another and judge the men and women you come into contact with on their individual merits and flaws...

    In answer to your question, maybe "wolf"? I always had a hint that the wolf in Red Riding Hood was older than her for some reason.

    I'll be the first official Wolf if it makes you sleep better at night...

    Source(s): My fiance is eleven years younger than me...
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    I would call older men who like younger women "normal"

    All my relationships the men have been significantly older, my partner is 13 years older than me, I'm 42 he's 55, my ex husband was 12 years older. I once had a brief relationship with a guy 22 years older than me (I was 22 he was 44)

    Men like younger women. Its not a crime.

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    Hugh Hefner.



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    I can't really think of anything for it. Mostly because age is only a number after everyone has reached the age of consent.

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    Old Letches

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    Good Q Watermelon...I was married to a guy 20 years my senior and our age had nothing to do with our divorce.

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