What is drug abuse not misuse?

I need to write a story or poem on this. What is it. Drug abuse not drug misuse! Or any ideas that would be great!!

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    Drug abuse is intentionally using a drug incorrectly, (as in recreationally --to get high or to zone out for purposes other than those which are indicated--like with sleeping pills--or to commit suicide) whereas drug misuse is using a drug the wrong way by mistake. For instance, if a person misreads the label or takes the drug in combination with some other drug...



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    Misuse is accidental, like taking too much by mistake or using a drug for the wrong problem, (most often by mixing up similar drug names).

    Abuse os intentionally taking a drug for something other than the prescribed intention. Like taking percocet when you're not in pain to feel euphoric.

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    Drug abuse is the intentional use of a drug.

    Drug misuse is the unintentional incorrect use of a drug.

    People who have drug misuse or drug abuse sometimes use a high dosage of the drug. Regardless, when people are drug abusers or drug misusers, that means that they weren't following the directions of a drug label.

    Hope I helped.

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