Can the S-Video out from a video card connect to a normal RCA video imput on a tv?

I am looking to install a small computer into my computer to play music through the system. I have an old 7" tv in my dash that only has the normal yellow RCA imput for video... I have a video card with an s-video out, i was wondering if there is some sort of converter that would allow me to hook it up with some quality (I will be boosting the contrast and using large font, I dont expect perfect quality

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    Ditto IronManIngellis. Depending on the TV, even your large font may not help. Most of those little monitors (especially one with only a composite video input) have such low resolutions that you will probably have to design your own interface to make it usable. To test, set your current monitor to the same resolution as your little TV to see what it's going to look like.

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    Yes, they are compatible, you need an adapter (most video cards come with one but maybe not)

    This will do it, you just need to buy a single RCA cable after that.

    I'll warn you though regular TVs have HORRIBLE resolution compared to computer monitors and compared to what they are capable of outputting (as far as resolution goes) chances are you won't be able to read any text on the screen.

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    this can b done by using a small adapter by using a small adapter check local electron check on-line. The picture quality will not be great though

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