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This week, both SOD and SOW have similar articles about Sharon's pregnancy. The following writeup is a combination of both together.

Three Men and a Baby

It's true. Sharon is preg-o! "After having three babies [including a girl who died after a premature birth in 2002], she knows the symptoms," sighs Sharon Case. "She takes a pregnancy test and it comes out positive."

Initially, Sharon is overwhelmed. Case says that Sharon's life is such a mess right now, the last thing she needs to deal with is an issue as big as pregnancy. "It's bad timing. She's trying to decide what to do and considering all of her possible options. Even if you're somebody who doesn't personally believe in abortion, it still crosses your mind at a time like this."

As we know, Sharon has been having sex with Jack, Nicholas and Billy -- and any of those three men could be the father. Phyllis couldn't have been more right when she called Sharon a "tramp." According to Case, "This doesn't make Sharon look good. It's funny, all the things she said about Phyllis when she was pregnant and there were only two men who could have been the father!"

Later, Sharon heads to the GCAC to think about the mess she's in. As her mind races, she sees a disheveled Jack coming down the stairs and she realizes that he spent the night with another woman (the lucky lady was none other than Mary Jane). Depressed, Sharon decides to tell her mother she's got a bun in the oven. "That's bad enough, but she also says that one of three guys is responsible," groans Case. "Doris didn't know about Billy, so Sharon tells her about him. That's kind of embarrassing to tell your mom. Thank God, they're in a restaurant so there can't be an explosive scene. Sharon is trying to keep it quiet so no one else hears."

Doris is less than thrilled. "She gives that usual quiet, disapproving look," chuckles Case. "You need your mom because you can trust her, but at the same time, you know their advice is not going to be what you want to hear."

Later, Sharon turns up at Restless Style to tell Nick, but Phyllis makes it impossible. Frustrated, Sharon picks another potential daddy to confide in. "Jack is in his office when Sharon walks in looking very lost," says Peter Bergman. "Then she just blurts out that she's pregnant."

Jack's response is a happy one. "His immediate reaction is joy," grins Bergman. "This is only good news to Jack. he's thrilled that he has a connection to this woman who he absolutely loves."

Even after he comes to the realization that he might not be the father, Jack remains thrilled. "It's still great news," says Bergman. "Jack realizes that Sharon is reaching out to him. This is a chance for him to step up and fix things. Jack can finally make things right. To him, it's a wonderful situation!" Jack tells Sharon that he will help raise the baby, even if Nick is the father. "Jack is coming from a place of love for Sharon. This child and the opportunity to build a family with Sharon is everything to him. It's not Jack playing games, but he's maybe manipulating a situation a little to his advantage. He's ready to be the father. He feels it was meant to be. She asks if it will bother him that he may not see any of himself in this child, but he says he'll see her and that's good enough for him." Needless to say, Sharon is grateful. She asks for time to consider her options and Jack is more than happy to oblige.

After Sharon leaves, Billy pops in and senses that his brother is distracted by something. When he asks what's going on, Jack reveals that Sharon is pregnant. "Billy goes into this quiet panic," laughs Billy Miller. "It's like a heart attack, a sneeze and breaking wind all happening at the same time while he's trying to smile. The only thing he can really say is, 'Congratulations!' Billy is faking it, and Jack is buying it."

Completely stunned, Billy heads to confront Sharon. "He tells her, 'This is crazy! If Chloe finds out about this, she's going to kill us all because she's already a little nuts!' But Billy also says that if this baby is his, he won't lie about it. Then Jack walks in on them and Sharon covers because she's a great lady."

Finally, Sharon decides it's time to come clean with Nick and tracks him down at the park, where he's having a play date with Summer. Just as she's about to reveal the truth, Summer takes a tumble and hurts herself. Sharon and Nick rush her to the ER and Phyllis shows up. Immediately, Phyllis isn't pleased to see Sharon but she's more worried about her injured daughter.

As Sharon watches Phyllis with Nick, she is affected. "She sees them with Summer and decides she doesn't want to disrupt Nick's life," says Case. "Sharon thinks it's better not to say anything to him for now. But obviously, she's not going to be able to hide her pregnancy forever. She needs a plan."

Later, Sharon goes back to Jack and tells him that she has accepted h

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    Oh my goodness that's going to be good! But when is she going to tell Nick? I think that Phyllis needs help she is no better than Sharon!

    Source(s): I want Billy to be the father
  • How unfortunate that SharHo is pregnant. If past events are any indication, she is incapable of dutiful parenting. We have seen this when she allowed Cassie to go to a party when she grounded, and she ended up killed in a car crash as a result, then afterwards, she wouldn't spend any time with Noah or give him the proper discipline when he needed it. The time he went online and found about Phyllis and Summer's kidnapping, when his mother said no, and she never reprimanded him, serves as a good example. Apparently, her idea of parenting Noah was to send him on nightly sleepovers at Sam's house, while she stayed home and entertained men to fulfill her sexual demands. And don't get me started on the time SharHo just up and left her kids with Nick, while she jetted to Denver on a journey of self-discovery only to meet a man at a bar and have sex with him five minutes later. Now with her craziness and her marriage falling apart, is it any wonder that Noah is giving her some richly-deserved attitude. Don't look to me for any sympathy, SharHo (and that goes for the fans, too) because I don't have any for you.

    God only knows how she is going to neglect this kid this time. I smell Child Protective Services intervening when it's time to SORAS him/her. My point is if there's one thing that SharHo don't need, it's another hungry mouth to feed, and she ain't even in the ghetto!

    SharHo might as well face it - she doesn't even have a clue who the baby's father is. I'm going to be looking for a Maury Povich guest appearance come February or May 2010 sweeps. She needs a plan, all right; too bad she doesn't even know what for, as her little bubble brain is incapable of coming up with anything legitimate in times of crisis like this. I hate to be cruel, but she would be better off having another miscarriage, or giving the baby up for adoption. She certainly wouldn't know how to care for it if the baby came with a manual. And self-abortion would be too sick for me to watch.

    This is one of those situations I can see Phyllis coming out of smelling like a rose. SharHo is digging herself a hole so deep, she'll be in China within a week. She is just that pathetic.

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    I agree that the best storyline would be to have it come down to Jack and Billy. Remember, Genoa City is not in the 21st century when it comes to DNA tests (Cane, Billy & Delia). The writers would be able to squeeze this one for all it's worth.

    Thanks for the spoiler!

  • 1 decade ago

    Thanks for the great spoilers! Actually, I am going to look at this in a positive perspective. Maybe a baby (and getting some professional help) will help give Sharon some much-needed focus and help her get her life back on track. I also will predict the baby is Nick's...

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  • 4 years ago

    "Billy/Lilly: The buzz is that these two are one of the couples that's to have a big wedding in 09." That is a little too soon don't you think? they just hooked up not too long ago! damn man I kno this is a rumor but if it does actually come true their relationship is going waaay too fast. Its the sex now its marriage! WOW. But its a soap opera. but It seems all good for this year :) going to enjoy it.

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    Ok, Ok. I'm not a Sharon fan (even when she first came on and Nikki was against her -- it's because they were so much alike). But come on the best thing story-wise would be if the baby was Billy's! Come on can you imagine Jack!!! Finding out his ex and his brother hooking up! EWWWW! Then Nick finding out that he is not her one and only, if only he would learn. Any one remember when she went after Victor? Double EWWWW!

    Thanks for the spoilers.

  • tricia
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    1 decade ago

    You have that pegged down to the H. I don't care for the person Sharon has become. Because the writers have really messed Sharon up.

  • amare
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    1 decade ago

    Well all of this was inevitable. I hope we find out who the real father is. I do not think we need another instance in Y&R where the biological dad does not know he has a child.

  • deb
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    1 decade ago

    I hope that she goes back to Jack...he really loves her...and would do anything to help her. She just needs to leave Nick and Billy alone.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not surprised that Saint Sharon didn't "confess" to Jack that she had been sleeping with Billy too!!

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