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Is This FACT Proof Positive That The Media Is Over-Hyping The Swine Flu, To Freeze Up The Economic Recovery?

Let's start this out with me saying that I do NOT think the media is liberally biased, just the opposite. They are the group that can give YA conservatives a run for their money when it comes to fear and concern mongering, imo. Now, for the proof.

The hand wringing and fear/concern mongering over the "swine flu" is rapidly reaching a fever pitch, with both dire warnings and predictions of death blaring over ever radio and tv newscasts, closings of schools, reporting the death of toddler in Texas (and going as long as they xould before they finally started leaking out the info the child was from Mexico, and here seeking treatment.

What makes anyone with more than a few ounces of working gray matter (brains) realize this is fear mongering/hype run amuck is THIS ONE FACT. In the U.S. alone, there are an average of over 36,000 flu related deaths per year in the United States.

Need proof, ok, here you go.


Then answer the question presented in the subject line truthfully and objectively, if you can.

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    I believe that they think it is a hot story and is good for ratings- I think it is a lot of hype.

  • 3 years ago

    more beneficial human beings die from the common flu each and each 365 days, yet no human being is searching it a "killer virus". i have stayed off the internet for days because all I ever see presently is "swine flu this, swine flu that". it truly is undesirable that this type of large quantity of folk have died from it, yet like I reported, more beneficial human beings die from influenza each 365 days, and no human being provides a crap. I comprehend the tremendous deal about it, and that i comprehend Mexico's worry, because that a number of human beings there have little, detrimental or no wellbeing care, yet human beings in countries like united statesa., France, Germany, Spain, and so on, have the right drugs to take care of the virus. The media is making it look as if we are without clinical take care of it. A "killer disease" is the Black Plague. even if you do, do no longer bypass to the Infectious ailments section. Loaded with Swine Flu questions.

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