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2002 GTI VR6 24v Modification Help Please?

I just got a 2002 24 Valve GTI VR6 and was wondering with the following mods are "good" and is there anything i can add or take out of this list? How much HP would this put me at? Tourque?

I do not want to turbo/supercharge my car but here are my ideas:


Cold Air Intake



Underdrive Pulley

Spark Plugs

Spark Plug Wires



Strut Bar

Rear Sway Bar

Front Sway Bar

Lowering Springs

Short Shifter

Catalaytic Converter

Engine Mounts

Shift Bushings

Performance Tires

Lighter Rims

Looks will come later, but what could i add to this or take away? I am new at cars so any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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    Putting a cat back exhaust system will give you a louder car with small hp gains. 1 or 2 hp. A Cold Air Intake will make the motor sound louder on acceleration and decel with small hp gains. 1 or 2 hp. Getting the computer flashed is around 400 bucks with very small hp gains. Maybe 20. When your clutch wears out you can put a stage 2 lightened flywheel with a Kevlar clutch and you will defintley feel it launch faster. But it's around 2500 to get that done with labor. Stick with the stock pulleys, stock spark plugs, stock wires, stock catalytic converter, and stock shifter bushings.

    Getting the stock Battery out of there and replacing it with an interstate, or AC Delco wouldn't hurt. Just don't waste your money on a piece of crap optima.

    Top Bar, Lower Bar, Rear Bar, Coil-Overs, Rims and Tires will be worth every penny as long as you get good stuff. Most people are not happy with lowering springs because it really doesn't lower your car that much. Coil-Overs allow you to DUMP the car to the ground. But you will have to install Neuspeed Lowering Sway Bars or the Factory Bar will rub if you go too low.

    They make really crappy Coil-Overs and really nice Coil-Overs. V-max are 250 for the set, Bilstein PSS9's are 1400 for the set. The ride is better the more you spend. Less bounce too.

    VF mounts are great motor mounts, all poly mounts give you a little motor vibration that you can feel in the car. It's up to you.

    A short shifter is cool if you can get it adjusted right. A few of our customers have grinding while putting into gears as a result of switching to a short shifter. You don't really need it, but it's your money...

    One of our customers has a VR6 with 483 hp to the wheels. He has a C2 motorsports Turbo kit. Fricken CRAZY fast....

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    2002 Gti Vr6

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    The kid is dead on. 5 spd equals 12V ASE Cert Auto Tech, since 1978, 2003 GLI 24V VR6 6spd MT

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    I would like to ask the same question as the user above.

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    Some pretty good arguments here.

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