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American influence help!!!!!!1?

my class is doing a project on people who changed america from different time periods.

can you give me some people from the:


please and thank you!!!

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    Elizabeth Gurley Flynn -- Fought for the rights of the poor. Helped start the American Civil Liberties Union.

    Sequoya - Cherokee Indian. The cherokkes had no written language. Everything was passed on orally. Sequoya, who couldn't read or write, invented an alphabet for the Cherokee which they were all using in months. It changed the lives of the Cherokee Nation.

    Lucretia Mott -- Suffragette, fought for women's rights. Helped them gain the right to vote.

    Eli Whitney, inventor -- created the cotton gin which saved cotton pickers hundreds of hours of work and increased profits for owners.

    Abraham Lincoln -- he held the US together and he freed the slaves.

    Eunice Kennedy Shriver -- Started the Special Olympics. Before that, most people kept their mentally challenged kids indoors and unseen, or sent them off to 'institutions.' She put Americans on the path of being more accepting of the mentally challenged.

    Jackie Robinson, baseball player - 1st black in pro baseball, helped get white america more comfortable with accepting blacks.

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    Abraham Lincoln ended the federal government and created a national government.

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