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Which Chicago suburb should I move to?

My wife and I are first time home buyers and looking for a townhome. Does anyone have any input on the below suburbs? Pros/Cons for any of them? Are there any we should nix off our list right away?


Glen Ellyn


Downers Grove



Burr Ridge

Western Springs

Highland Park



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    Well I live in Schaumburg and I have for my whole life I grew up here and went to Schaumburg High School. I love it I wont say it's perfect because we have had robberies at 7-11 and gas stations and liquor stores but I would still raise my family here because those things aren't common and they rarely happen. Also I am young 20 and live in my own townhouse with my boyfriend it's a perfect community I love it because your close to everything!

    Also if you like nightlife there are some places to go out in Schaumburg there John Barleycorn, Heat, VIP(if you like salsa and reggeaton), Alumni Club, Privilege. Tons of restaurants and Woodfield!!!

    ps I would stay away from Hoffman estates the townhouses on Governors ave and the quad townhouses on Knollwood in Schaumburg but Town Place off Knollwood has very nice town homes (I was going to move there but someone out beat me in their offer) and Sheffield towne I say to avoid these places because they are populated with a lot of teenager who are bored and think they are ghetto for some reason so that in my mind would be annoying to live around but your safety isn't concerned. And I'm only saying this because when I was in my party stage these are the places we would hang out for the most part Schaumburg is quiet.

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  • tichur
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    These are all "okay" suburbs. Burr Ridge is the farthest south. Highland Park is the only one listed that is north. The rest are west of the city. None are on the "nix" list.

    Get a good area map (Rand McNally or Chicago Tribune) from a CVS, Walgreen's or Osco to check out travel distances to your work. Always have an alternate public transportation route in case the weather turns bad or car problems. In general, the closer to the city, the higher the price.

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  • L.F.
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    1 decade ago

    With that list, your best bet is going to be Schaumburg because the others are mostly houses, you're not going to find many townhouses to choose from.

    You really should direct your search a bit; you're all over the map - you need to have your job accessible so your search needs to be specialized to the highway you will be on. Or which side of downtown you will be commuting to. Otherwise, your commute will turn into 2 hours!!

    That's what real estate agents are for!

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    Those are nice areas, but I live in Skokie. I'm 25 and live with my fiance and this is a really great area. It's just north of the city with easy access downtown.

    Skokie isn't too expensive to live in, compared to other suburbs around here like Kenilworth or Wilmette. It's honestly a good place to be.

    Plus you get get on the L and be downtown in no time.

    Hope this helps. And good luck.

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