Is your favourite band still your favourite band, if...?

Your favourite song is one of their most popular...if that makes sense?!?! :D

Like if your favourite band is Metallica and your favourite song by them is Enter Sandman...or Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody or Led Zeppelin and Stairway To get the picture...I think!!! :)

'Cause I just saw...someone...say that some else wasn't a true Metallica fan 'cause their favourite song by Metallica was Enter Sandman... so does this make them not a true fan?

Does ANYONE have any idea what I'm talking about?!?!?!?! :D

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DeathCube, that doesn't make sense. Why would someone only know one song from their favourite band?

Update 2:

Haha, that's okay...don't worry :)

Update 3:

I'm very well thanks Lucy! And yourself?

Hey Sookie! :)

Hey Dudette!!

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    I saw that too and I was like, WTF? It shouldn't even matter. I mean, the reason it's a hit is because it's a great song, right?

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    I'm playing a song in my head that I've been writing. Wish I could sing it for ya!

  • Doris
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    1) Either Xanadu or 2112 by Rush 2) Power Windows by Rush 3) No. Xanadu was from '77's A Farewell to Kings, and 2112 was from...well, 2112. 4) Yes. 5) Love talking about Rush. I can't say it's my "favorite" thing to talk about, but it's up there. 6) No. Honestly, I don't visit band sites all that often. 7) Rush can be played at any time, in any situation, 24/7 365. I honestly have no preference. 8) That's hard, since there's only 3. I guess guitarist Alex Lifeson, but just b/c I'm a bassist. He's still great. 9) Tough one, since there's a lot, but I guess it would be The Necromance from 1975's Caress of Steel. 10) Well, just said it. Caress of Steel. 11) Drive or work out. 12) Lateralus by Tool. 13) Animals by Pink Floyd (1977) 14) Animals is actually my favorite overall album, even over Rush, but Rush has more great albums than Pink to me. 15) Gyros 16) Red Ale beer (I drink mainly water) 17) Green 18) Mongoose 19) It does, but also carries negative reprocussions and the possibility to trigger PTSD.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh, I know what you're talking about. I think that logic is totally nuts. I hate "true fan guy" to begin with, and this is exactly why. Everyone has a different angle to approach their enjoyment of music. Everyone has a different set of criteria that they measure music by. Who is to say that someone can't totally love Metallica and find Enter Sandman to be just perfect? Who is to say what defines fandom anyways? It's the same thing with those jerks who are all pissed because their favorite band is on Guitar Hero and "all the guitar hero posers are all into the band now." What a bunch of jerks. I mean, you've got to find out about the groups you like from somewhere. Why couldn't it be Guitar Hero. I'd heard of Muse, but I realized it was worth buying a record because of the game. Granted I wasn't that into the record, but what if I had become a huge fan because of it? I never got to see the Beatles live and I don't know the exact dates of when people were born or died, does that mean I like the music any less? What are the litmus tests? It's all totally stupid. It's about liking the tunes, not a special combination of favorite songs in a special order with a secret handshake.

    The notion of "true fans" is created by people who attach their self esteem in how much they can like something. Being a "true fan" (in that sense, particularly when it is taken to that level) is basically a stupid way to wear the fact that you're a condescending snob as a badge of honor.

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    I get you Lucy!

    Well, I suppose I might just be the perfect example for you haha.

    I don't think anyone on here can make the claim that I'm not a true Queen fan (considering it is really about all I talk about) and my favorite song is Bohemian Rhapsody.

    I don't like the notion that just because you like a bands most famous song, you aren't a real fan. I would still love Bohemian Rhapsody, even if it only sold 2 damn copies. The music is brilliant, and it doesn't matter to me how famous the song was, it just gets me, if you know what I'm saying haha.

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    "'Cause I just saw...someone...say that some else wasn't a true Metallica fan 'cause their favourite song by Metallica was Enter Sandman... so does this make them not a true fan?"

    Idiots are *everywhere* ;-)

    ...and I could go on about how lame it is for someone to even think they can judge whether someone else is or isn't a fan ~ or that they've got to be into some of a band's more obscure stuff for them to be their favorite, but why? If *you* like them and call them your favorite... then they are. Plain and simple.

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    While I don't agree with it I think the idea is that these people who claim to love a band and then only list popular songs as favorites are posers(poseurs?). It's the logic of overzealous fans who don't seem to care for casual fans or something I dunno. While I guess that might weed out a few people who just said they like a band to sound cool I think it makes sense that a lot of people would say the popular songs as their favorites. The popular songs are probably how they were exposed to the band they have some kind of attachment to it. Also while some gems are forgotten a lot of times the popular songs are popular because they were some of the best stuff.

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    How are you doing Lucy?

    I Completely disagree.

    My favorite band is The Beatles. Every single song of theirs is popular and almost all of their songs were hits. My favorite song of them is Strawberry Fields Forever. Does that not make me a fan? The answer is no.

    I agree with Poppy on Queen. They are one of my favorite bands of all time and my favorite song is Bohemian Rhapsody. Most well known song, and Queen is still my favorite. It is also the most well composed and written song of all time in my opinion.

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  • What does it matter how popular youur favorite song is?

    When people go out of therir way to choose the most obscure song by a band to prove their fandom, to me they are the ones who are posers,

    because they are making their decision based on the perception of how others view it ( aka, posturing or posing ) instead of just chillin and liking what they like. ( of course every single perosn who does this will now blast me and say that isn't so, and theat that is the song their ears picked, etc... and 90% of them will be lying, probably even to themselves)

    It seems that at some point amongst so called "true die hard " fans, you had to prove your in depth love and knowledge by lovign the most obscure song ever.

    Pure crap. I know every Iron Maiden song front to back, and there is a reason sons like "Como Estaes Amigo" are not popular with people. Mostly becasue they suck.

    ( Oh yes... real fans are even allowed to acknowledge when their chosen band makes a less than stellar offering =] )

    Honestly...[eople who get worried over who is or isn't a "True Fan" need to get a life.

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    well I've been buying their music for 44 years and I listen to their newer music as much as their older music. There is not a day goes by without hearig their music, and I think you would call that a true fan. And my favorite song still is As Tears Go Bye. And that will never change no matter how better they have gotten or will get. That's the song for me. The Rolling Stones.

    take care


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    I couldn't even begin to answer who my favorite band is because I like so many different genres of music. Pearl Jams Yellow ledbetter can make me cry sometimes, but so can Black, and thats just one band that I consider to be one of my fav's. Right now I'm listening to Brain Damage by Pink FLoyd off of The Dark Side of the Moon, and I could definently say that it is one of my favorite albums. Music is an emotional experiance and you shouldn't let someone dictate your emotions to you. You ought to tell your friend that immediatly upon talking to he/she that KIll Em All became your favorite Metallica song and see how they feel about that.

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    Yes it can be, so long as your base knowledge of the band extends further than just a few of the big hits then it really doesn't matter which is your favourite song of theirs.

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