Did Christians Destroy the Republican Party?

Christians are the majority of the republican party. It set the party's agenda via Moral Majority, Christian Coalition, Focus of the Family, etc. Has this destroyed the Republican party?

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    Great Question. Before I answer, let me note that I am a conservative question. My husband is a Seminary graduate from a very conservative seminary and we are active in ministry. Also, we never voted for Bush. We both believe the President should have demonstrated significant competence. Additionally, we believe the President, above all else, should be a great communicator and thinker. President Bush in my opinion met neither of these ideals.

    I don't believe Christians destroyed the Republican Party. I do believe, however, that Christians have had a hand in its movement toward its demise. Given that Christians are the party's base, one cannot legitimately conclude otherwise.

    Christians did the following that hurt the party:

    1. Believed they could impact society through political and financial power. We can never really have an impact unless we are led by God's spirit. We are led by God, we will act differently than our opposition AND we will bear fruit. We did neither. We politic worse than our opposition. Look at the angry way we present our point of views, the name calling. Look at how we raised money, the sources we get funds from and through. Many Americans and foreigners have a less favorable view of Christianity because of this. If we really want to impact society, we need to get into the communities and share the gospel which will change the hearts and minds of citizens and, in turn, impact the political landscape. I dare us to complain our illegal immigration (we need to stop it by the way), when we regularly exploited them by hiring them at our business at a cheaper rate and have used their cheap labor to cut our lawns, fix our houses and other activities for decades. Now that we don't have jobs, we want to kick them out. Shameful. We need to repent and then pursue to stop illegal immigrants from walking across the boarder.

    2. We do not hold other Christians accountable and justify and overlook the wrong they do. You know water-boarding is wrong. Military men have been court marshaled, imprisoned and dismissed from the military during every war. Our CIA is water-boarded during training to be prepared when our enemies use this tactic. Since when do we use the same tactics that dictators and communists use? We support this! What about Jack Abram off? The Christian Coalition? They joined forces to defraud two Indian groups. Jesus was call the “the least of these”. Not one Christian leader denounced republican politicians and other Christians who had relationships with or accepted money from Jack Abram off. What about Banks? How many politicians sold the country out to the banking industry? Many of them were Republican. Have we learned? No, we still tout de-regulation even though it is inconsistent with biblical principles. Since mankind by nature is sinful, why would we not regulate corporations (run by men) who are likely to pursuit profits at the expense of moral and ethical responsibility? We need to repent.

    3. We may be Christian in name only. Though I can never determine if one is a Christian or not. I can pose the question, Are we really living, thinking and acting like a Christian? The answer too many times is no! When Clinton was forced to come face-to-face with his shameful sin, what did we do? We rubbed his face in it. We talked about where his mouth went, what she did, positions, times and other details. We were giddy over his moral failure. Did we go to him and present the truth of the Gospel? No. Liberals did. Did we publicly ask for churches and all individuals and organizations to form prayer meetings/circles in every home and church on his behalf? No. Why? We were more interested in furthering OUR political cause not the cause of Christ. We missed the best opportunity in decades to introduce Christ to the masses.

    I believe we were duped by Rush Limbaugh, the Christian Coalition and those who put out talking points. We never evaluated these people and positions in the light of biblical principles. We did not think or operated like Christians. The republican Party, known as the party of Christians, will not recover without true repentance and dedications to God’s agenda and means.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Absolutely not. True Christians come in all political persuasions, R, D, C and L.

    The phony "Christians" of the R Southern Strategy are killing the R Party, and well it should happen. Gingrich, Giuliani, and the like are not Christians. You don't do the things these scum buckets did if you are Christian. They are liars. Unfortunately, the R Party is led by liars and fools.

    Kay Baily Hutchison would be a huge improvement over these hypocrites. Here is hoping she retires Little Ricky Perry and takes a larger piece of the national stage after doing so.

  • emp
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    1 decade ago

    Actually they were the ones that boosted the GOP to win 1994-2006.

    What destroyed the GOP is the party's attempt to throw money at this group's pet causes which disenfranchised the fiscal conservatives. See the GOP didn't know that being a good role model and living a good life is all these 'evil' Christians wanted from their leaders.

  • 1 decade ago

    Although I am a Christian, I left 2 elections ago because of things like the Patriot Act and other Constitutional abuses. I am now a member of the Constitution Party.

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  • 1 decade ago

    GREED & Hunger for Power destroyed the Republican Party! NOT Christians!

  • TAT
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    1 decade ago

    There are many Christians in the Dem party. And no Christians did not destroy the republican party. Pansy moderates that are afraid to stand up against the secular progressives hurt the party. Those who abandoned the conservative principles that made the party great have hurt the party. In the last 8-10 years the republican party moved left and the Dems did the same. We are now seeing a few brave conservatives stand up for what was once the binding beliefs of the party.

  • 1 decade ago


    its this generations obsession with "american idol"

    listen to what they say Obama is , hip, he rocks and rolls, hes swinging, etc.

  • 1 decade ago

    Go ahead and think what you want. Your brain is twisted.

    Since when was focus on the family a bad thing?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Americans are all going to hell with the brown shirts in Husseins party.

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