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Fun things in london?

Do you know any fun or romantic things to do in london? Apart from london eye, science and natural museum. Maybe something outdoors? and not too expensive. Thanks

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    There is sooooo much to do and cheap cheap!!!!! Start your morning on a cruise on the thames up to greenwich (take a picnic basket with you a small one) (prefferable the tour ones as they give you great history info ) Stop of at greenwich they have a big old looking pirate type shop/boat there and if you walk up to the top of the hill it its where 0 lonitude meets 0 altitude(only place in the world) you can take photos where you have one foot on each side of the line. Great views from the top of the hill. You can have picnic there in the park.

    In london on the way back , stop in at covent gardens, great preety markets there and a yummy pasty shop near by. They normal have people doing shows like clowns stuff like street theatre. Near there they have a b @ 1's get in for happy hour 2 cocktails for the price of one! They have a booklet of cocktails.

    Other thing to do london dungeon ( i like it , but im a big kid) about jack the ripper, the plague people jumping out at you , like a horror house.

    In covent gardens need to go and find "neil's court yard" hippy closed in tea place with different colour walls and bead shops. When its winter i used to go there all the time as it was bright.

    For dinner try some morracan at covent garden place called souk i think, has belly dancing.

    Go and see a show they have so many!!! You might be lucky and get cheap tickets if you want to take your chance you just go up to the theatre and see if they have cheap tickets, because the day ones they sometimes sell tickets cheap 5 mins b4 the show jsut to sell it. ( i watched guys a dolls with ewen mcgregor for 20 pounds!)

    Harrods it always good to go see if you havnt been there, traflgar square climbe on the lions! and the theatres are near there some on the strand and others near shaftsbury avenue.

    Free things - hyde park, st james park in front of buckingham palace, i see people who do horse riding around there not sure how much that is though.

    there is a great magazine thats free at the main tube stations comes out on mondays forgot what its called, but has everything in it. Has a guide for mon to friday for clubs , diff types of music genres and what gigs are on, fun things to do and special offers. its great get it!

    Also a must go to the pub "ben crouch" awesome scary pub in the city on wells st i think, try and find the bathrooms its funny!

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    Take the City Boat Cruise to Greenwich from London..

    Nice boating through Thames, a glimpse of London history and a nice day out at Greenwich..

    Get tickets from the City Cruise office near the Big Ben.

    Get in to the boat

    Enjoy the ride to Greenwich (45 min)

    See the observatory, Greenwich Market (2 hrs)

    Spend some time in Greenwich (2 hrs)

    Take the boat ride back to London (45 min)

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    There are so many fun things in london like Banging British Music Experience,Kew Gardens (Royal Botanic Gardens),Madame Tussauds,London Zoo,Fortnum & Mason Afternoon Tea. So with all of those fun things to do in London you are sure to have a great time!!

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    Go for a picnic in either Hyde Park, Green Park or St James Park. London has other parks, but there not as nice. Picnics are romantic, and you can sit under a tree for a couple of hours and watch the world go by.

    Then you can take the tube to St Pauls. For about £6 you can pay to climb up to the top of St Pauls Cathedral, also known as the "Golden Gallery". You get just as good a view up there, as you do from the London Eye, but instead its a lot less tourist infested, cheaper and something energetic to do. Its worth the climb up to the top!

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    cruise in Thames River, Trocadero in West End, Picaddilly and Knightsbridge shopping, visit Barnes and Richmons High Street and Enjoy Richmond Hills.

    You can also travel to Bournmouth for few days, Brighton or Marget sea side cities or you can go to Finshley Health Club which is fun and different for a day with the train, Windsor Lego Land funfair.... also ask Tourist Information centre for more ideas and places.

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    There is lots to do.. have a picnic in one of the many parks. You could also try and get cheap tickets.. in Leicester Square there is a ticket booth where they have discounted theatre tickets for that day. It all really depends on what you like doing... check out the Time Out website.

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    Have a look at what users of the Enjoy England website have said about their best 'free' days out in London.

    Have a great time.

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    Walk around the historical areas then have a picnic in a nice park. In the evenings check out the free music at the National Theater. There are numerous jazz bars with free live music if you're into that sort of thing.

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    In picadilly there is a restaurant called the rainforrest cafe. This is an amazing place to eat, there are moving statues of gorillas, giant butterflies on the walls, theres a waterfall inside and if youre lucky there will be a thunderstorm during your meal! I loved it :-)

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    yes go to covent garden near charing cross and soho any day is good but sunday is best its full of people painted as statues,playing music,stand up comic,magic,all young and old love it and it doesnt have to cost a penny,there are of course alot of pubs around if you wanted a drink or got hungry though.

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