Can the 30mm cannon rounds of the Su 25 punch through Chobham type armor of modern MBT?

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    Of course not. If the M1 Abrams and Challenger 2 have proven largely immune to 125mm tank gun rounds over the frontal arc how is a puny 30mm gun going to penetrate them?

    The Su-25's gun I believe fires the 30x165mm cartridge - the same ammunition as the BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and less powerfull than the 30x173mm ammunition fired by the GAU-8 gun of the American A-10 and a number of European light armored vehicles. Automatic cannon like those found on the A-10 or Su-25 can not penetrate the frontal armor of any modern MBT, whether it has special laminate armor or not. Jane's credits the 30x165mm AP-T round with the ability to penetrate 18mm thick armor plate set at a 60 degree angle at a range of 1,000 meters. In other words, this gun could not penetrate the front and probably not the side armor of the WWII M4 Sherman, let alone something far more modern. In some cases these guns can penetrate the top or rear armor plate which is the thinnest part of a tank and they can do damage to fittings such as optics that will result in a mobility kill. Frontal penetrations, absolutely not. Against lightly armored vehicles (which greatly outnumber tanks on the battlefield) such as APC's and self-propelled artillery these guns could be extremely lethal, especially when fired from the air.

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    Um, the "Best Answer" is all well and nice, but F-18s were punching holes in T-72s with a 20mm Vulcan in the first Gulf War..... Yes, they tank needed to be hit in the back or top, but they still could destroy the tank. The 30mm Su-25 can destroy any modern tank from the rear, and the A-10 has destroyed AMX French tanks, though I dont know the angles or locations involved.

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    I suppose if you were accurate enough and concentrated your fire on a particular section of armour, sure.

    Thing is though those fighters use those rounds for aerial dogfighting, not for ground confrontation, i wouldn't expect such a thing to occur.

    Much more likely it would simply drop a fuel tank on it and then shoot the fuel tank in an effort to mangle the treads.

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