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swine flu = pork sales down = proof that people are stupid?

Apparently all the farmers and pork sellers are demanding the name be changed, because half of the population is now scared to eat pork in case they catch the swine flu.

Despite the fact that on every SINGLE news item, it mentions you can't get it from pork.

What do you think about this?

I think the farmers need to shut up and deal with it, and I am really worried that so many people have missed such basic information in the broadcasts. I am surprised that these people even know that the word swine has any correlation to pigs or pork.


cool, why are you ranting at me? I do not have the ability to give you 3 thumbs down. I've gave no thumbs out yet.

It does not matter what country it is, I am talking about Western Society in general, obviously.

Anyway, yes the farmers are stupid and selfish and being impractical, they can't just demand to change the name of something which is well-known and already printed all over leaflets in production just because some people can't pay attention to the news. Thus, they need to get over it. It's life. It's part of the risks of the job/industry. They could sell pens or water instead..

Update 2:

yeah, if I was a farmer I MIGHT be saying the same,i'm not denying that, but in that case I would be using my emotions, which would mean no-one should listen to me anyway. :)

knee-jerk! exactly! good word for both sets of behaviours I think

Update 3:

my bad hal.

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    The problem is if they change the name now, the population will panic thinking there are 2 different outbreaks.

    It's a no-win situation.

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    They got things right because there is no outbreak in swine, pigs or birds with this new H1N1.

    WHO is considering to update the name. Swine flu was a quick decision due to the similarity with those flu among swine. Also the origin of the outbreak was believed from an American run swine farm where was in an extreme poor hygenic condition.

    Anyway, American should ironically eat more pork whereas Muslim should eat more turkey. Perhaps, by chance, all can intake vaccine which may be found in pigs or birds.

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    This sort of knee jerk reaction shows how dumb the population at large is in any country.

    You have to feel sorry for pig farmers though. What have they done to deserve their livelihoods being disrupted like this because people are unable to make considered decisions.

    Maybe governments should put their informationals in MANGA form on U Tube to get the message across!

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    It didn't help when the News station showed a person stroking a pig while they were releasing the news. Today the stupidity seems to come from the top. It does come from contact with a pig and then passed on through human contact, not from eating pork.

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    1 decade ago

    You wouldn't have that attitude if you were a pig farmer and it was your livelihood at stake? Pigs are still being culled in Ireland because of a Dioxin scare months ago, they were fed contaminated food and all Irish pork was taken off the shelves. Many pig farmers have gone out of business.

    Many people would associate the word "swine" with pigs I imagine so I can understand the confusion. "bird flu" is actually caught from birds so you have to forgive people for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

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    The general population is not that intelligent. Also, the media is very misleading. Combine those two and you get a bunch of stupid, misinformed people freaking out over nothing! And I agree, it is a waste of food. There are many people starving in the world...

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    Why call it swine flu in the first place. Mad cows disease= beef sales down. Avian Flu= chicken and turkey sales down. Why on earth would you call this flu swine flu when it cant be contracted from eating pork, someone needs horsewhipping. At least some countries have had the sense to use another name like mexican flu, however the sale of sombreros has fell lol

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    I think you will find this refers to the US farmers and not the British ones!

    Edit - Why 3 thumbs down - try reading the article - it says US pork farmers twice, US official being carful how they word it. Not one mention of the UK either farmers or consumers getting confused. As this was asked on the UK website I would have thought that it refers to matters in the UK.

    M C I am not ranting at you - just ranting in gneral - ;)

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    There was a pork scare in ireland recently so I feel pity for the farmers still getting over that! But lets face it, people are stupid. Simple as.

  • Anonymous
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    Life's more complicated than that. People have a choice and vary the meat they eat. If there are news stories that put one type of meat in a bad light, people will buy something else this week. It happened to beef with mad cow disease. It happened to chicken with bird flu. So are you buying pork this week?

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