I saw on TV Jay Leno doing a totally open rasist joke about mexicans bringing the swine flu to the states....?

I feel pretty upset about this cause I totally know that jay leno or most other comedians would not make such offensive jokes about african americans, kind of pissed me off, i live in san diego and have plenty of mexican friends and am tired of the way america keeps discriminating them. Idk what do you think?

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    It's fine to publicly insult anyone, even black people - but then they have to keep it sneaky. Ive disliked Leno ever since he did an interview with the player for OU's football team, and then the next day when I think it was a California team he was interviewing, he told them it was a relief to have them on instead of OU cause when they were on he had to talk "very slowly." Insinuating that because they were Oklahoman they were idiots. I haven't watched him since, but, it doesn't surprise me that he would make a joke at the expense of the people in Mexico who are suffering. He's like a prime example of what a Hippie George Bush would have the people of America acting like.

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    Why are you even bringing black people into your question? What do black people have anything to do with this? SMH. He was wrong for saying that and I frown at discrimination as well but I live in Los Angeles and every day people from Mexico are illegally crossing the border and could possibly be bringing with them the flu.I heard on talk radio that they are crossing by the thousands just to get away from the flu, which is hitting their country hard. It's a fact and I'm not being racist for saying it.

    I don't blame the Mexican citizens. I blame their and my government. We are living in an age of total corruption.

    @ Animal: Working on my thesis right now (why I am up so late to address you). You don't even know me so don't go there. You need to educate yourself instead of making such ignorant statements that are based on falsities and ignorant stereotypes that ignorant people use. You need to be better than that. I am sure you are because you ask intelligent questions and give intelligent answers when you are not trolling.

  • burgo
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    i might run out and beg them to end. Then circulate to Ladbrookes (bookmakers) and notice how lots i might get on Leno interior the seventh minute. If it is going to any extent further, Letterman is in basic terms not drained.

  • Jay²
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    1 decade ago

    I saw that too

    Jay Leno can eat a donkeydick

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    feel the same way and i'm asian. for some reason it's fine to publicly insult any minority as long as they aren't black

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Let it gooooo.

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