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急急急急急!! 麻煩幫幫手翻譯做英文。(20點)

OK便利店主要目標顧客為年輕人,學生, 為了令銷售增加, 我們可以擴闊目標市場, 例如外籍佣工或家庭主婦, 銷售更多外國雜誌或報章, 又可以出售嬰兒產品, 奶粉, 從而吸納更多顧客

推廣員工優惠, 可以刺激到大量員工消費, 令收入增加, 或員工以優惠價格購買長期滯銷的產品, 以提高產品流量

對抗經濟下滑, 建議便利店改變市場策略, 賣平d, 或推出更多新產品, 例如又可推出更多以主題節日為主的相關產品

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    OK便利店主要目標顧客為年輕人, 學生, 為了令銷售增加, 我們可以擴闊目標市場, 例如外籍佣工或家庭主婦, 銷售更多外國雜誌或報章, 又可以出售嬰兒產品, 奶粉, 從而吸納更多顧客.

    The target customers of Circle K Convenience Store are mainly teenagers and students. In order to increase sales, the market base can be broadened to cover foreign maids and family housewives as well. Overseas magazines and newspapers or baby products such as baby powder can be put on sale to attract more customers.

    推廣員工優惠, 可以刺激到大量員工消費, 令收入增加, 或員工以優惠價格購買長期滯銷的產品, 以提高產品流量.

    Offering staff discount can boost consumption of large numbers of staff members so as to increase revenue. Alternatively, staff can purchase slow-selling products at a discount price so that the sales condition can be improved.

    對抗經濟下滑, 建議便利店改變市場策略, 賣平d, 或推出更多新產品, 例如又可推出更多以主題節日為主的相關產品.

    To remain defensive during economic slump, it is advisable for convenience stores to change their marketing strategies by means of price cuts or introduction of more new items such as festival-themed products.


    對抗經濟下滑 = 在經濟差的環境下, 仍然能令業務維持強勁的抗跌力 (所謂「守得住」) i.e. defensive



    To be cost effective, companies must reduce or redistribute slow-selling products at least once a year. (滯銷的產品)



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    The main customers of OK Convenience stores are teenagers and students. In order to increase the sales, we can expand the target market, for example, foreign contractors or housewives. We can also sell more foreign magazines/newspapers as well as the infant products. With all these, it can attract more customers.

    To expand the employee benefits can stimulate the consuming power of the employees, this will increase the revenues. The other way is to sell the not-so-common products at a discounted price to the employees, then it can increase the turnover rate of the products.

    In order to neutralize the economic downfall, I suggest the convenience stores should change their market strategy or introduce more new products. For example, they can introduce the products relevant to the festival themes.

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    The chief customer target of CircleK convenience store is teenagers, mainly students. To increase revenue, we can expand our markets by selling more foriegn newspaper to the domestic helpers or selling baby products like milk powder in order to attract more customers.

    Promoting staff discount can greaty stimulate the staff's consumption, leading to an increase in revenue. In addition, the discount will offer the staff a cheaper price to buy the unsalable products, so increases the liquidity of the goods.

    Withstanding the economic recession, convenience stores are suggested to shift their marketing strategies. They can cut their prices off, introduce new products or festival-related products.

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    ....selling targets.... (or say targets)

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    OK convenience stores, the main objectives of the customer for young people, students, in order to increase sales, we can widen the target market, such as foreign domestic helpers or housewives, to sell more to foreign magazines or newspapers, but also the sale of baby products, milk powder, and thus attract more more customers

    Preferential promotion of employees, it can stimulate consumption to a large number of employees, the increase in revenue, or offering preferential prices to employees to purchase long-term poor sales of products to improve product flow

    Against the economic downturn, it is recommended to change the convenience store market strategy, selling flat d, or introduce more new products, such as can be more oriented to the theme of holiday-related products


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