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以文物徑的方式保存文物是可行的。因為將各種historical buildings匯聚於一個地方,可以令人們更加容易了解historical buildings 的特色。文物徑亦可以解決因urban development而產生的保育問題,urban development 令一些historical buildings 被逼拆卸,文物徑就可以提供一個地方給予這些historical buildings,令市民的collective memories 得以保留。



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    譯文: Ping Shan Heritage Trail was opened in December 12, 1993, for the first heritage trail in Hong Kong. At the recommendation of the Antiquities Advisory Board, the Antiquities and Monuments Office and the Architectural Services Department for several years the preparatory arrangements, was to open for public tour.

    Ping Shan is one of the oldest in Hong Kong one of the regions, the New Territories of the Tang clan, one of five family as early as the twelfth century has been settled. Magnificent building has a wide range of construction, still stands to witness the history and social development.

    Ping Shan Heritage Trail winds in Hang Tau Tsuen, Hang Mei Tsuen and Sheung Cheung Wai, the approximately one kilometer to more than a typical series of traditional Chinese architecture, and can appreciate the tradition of the New Territories to the past life.

    Heritage Trail along the unique heritage, including the pagoda, the Tang Ancestral Hall, Sheung Cheung Wai, Kun Ting Study Hall, Hung Shing Temple, Yeung Hau Temple and other more than with traditional architecture.

    Ping Shan village is surrounded by a wall around, China has approached the gatehouse of the axis, after the Office of God. Wai points within the housing built, not greater than the wall. Buildings to cover the use of different roof tiles; cornices sun and rain; wood brackets spread the weight of roof and roof support the weight of flying; blue as the main materials used in construction.

    Ping Shan Heritage Trail building with worship and education-related, could be reflected in the traditional agricultural society, religion plays an important role and the civil service exam. To tie in with the weather and geographical characteristics, together with the security, aesthetics and practical considerations, the impact of the traditional Chinese architectural styles.

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    Heritage Trail to the way it is feasible to preserve heritage. Because of various historical buildings will be brought together in one place that can make it easier to understand the characteristics of historical buildings.


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    Heritage Trail also can be solved due to urban development and conservation problems arising from,urban development so that forced the demolition of a number of historical buildings,


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    heritage trail can provide a place for these historical buildings, so that the public's collective memories can be retained.

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