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幫忙一下 以下的英文造句

A collection of

A sense of achievement

A variety of

Abide by

Account for

Add flavor of sth

Apply for

As a result of

As needed

At a discount

At sb’s expense

Attract criticism

Attract one’s attention

Be accustomed to

Be aware of

Be filled to capacity

Be high on the agenda

Be in the red

Be made of

Be ready for

Bind sb to do sth

Bring in

Bring together

Bring sth under control

Bring up

Broaden one’s horizons

Build up

Cash on delivery

Carry out

Check in

Come as a surprise

Come to an agreement

Come under scrutiny

Come up with

Compromise with sb on sth

Concentrate on

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    1.A collection of : The museum has a great collection of china.

    2.A sense of achievement : Studying graduate degree fulfilled my sense of achievement.

    3. A variety of : There are a variety of fruit in Taiwan .

    4.Abide by: Everyone in this country should abide by the law.

    5. Account for: Could you please give an example to account for your statement in details?

    6.Add flavor of something: putting some salt to add flavor of my soup.

    7. Apply for: I am applying for the position available on your company.

    8. As a result of: He passed the exam as a result of his studying hard.

    9. As needed: please yield your seat as needed.

    10. At a discount : We bought these stuff at a discount.

    11. At sb’s expense: All your cost here is at my expense.

    12.Attract criticism: His statement Attracts criticism.

    13. Attract one’s attention: The pretty girl always attracts my attention.

    14.Be accustomed to: He is accustomed to everything here little by little.

    15.Be aware of: He is not aware of the danger behind him.

    16.Be filled to capacity

    17.Be high on the agenda

    18.Be in the red: The company is still in the red so far.

    19.Be made of: The table is made of wood.

    20.Be ready for: I am ready for the school.

    16. 和17. 不太了其意.所以不敢亂造句.

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    21.Bind sb to do sth: She bind her husband to clean the clean the kitchen.

    22.Bring in: This product bring in some income in a short period.

    23. Bring together: Christmas brings the whole family together.

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    24.Bring sth under control: She Brings housework under control.

    25.Bring up: Where did you bring up?

    26. Broaden one’s horizons: Studying English broaden my horizons.

    27.Build up: Professional knowledge has to build up on a daily basis.

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    28.Cash on delivery: Our payment is cash on delivery.

    29.Carry out: How do you carry out your plan?

    30.Check in: Let’s check in the hotel now.

    31. Come as a surprise: His showing up in the party does come as a surprise.

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    32.Come to an agreement: They come to an agreement at last.

    33. Come under scrutiny: These packages come under scrutiny.

    34. Come up with: How did you come up with this idea?

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    35. Compromise with sb on sth: I have no choice but Compromise with my boyfriend on his smoking.

    36.Concentrate on: Be quiet. I can’t concentrate on my study.

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