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    The early Han Nationality immigrant, may trace to the Ming Dynasty middle period. At that time had some Japanese pirates, the pirate, take Tainan as the base for the calamity nearby the sea area, the Chinese southeast coast resident and Taiwan indigenous people all deeply its harassment, the bright royal government several times dispatches troops the punitive expedition, had the initial contact with the indigenous people, also has opened the Han people toward Taiwan immigrant's history. Area Fujian and Guangdong has the resident one after another, because flees, catches fish, goals and so on doing business to migrate Tainan, in an enormous legendary fish 鯓, north area the line tail sandbar forms the settlement gradually. Under the fable tyrant antiquity time Chang Tuo the high mountains, are stirring up trouble in the rivers and streams lake nautical mile. Afterward when Da Yu regulating waterways subdued it, it has obeyed Da Yu's command, pushed the mountain to trench, sparse the river course, to regulate waterways has made the contribution. The flood has kept under control, Da Yu worried that under the tyrant everywhere acts unruly, then moves in the especially big stele which is indomitable spirit, above engraves the merit mark which under the tyrant regulates waterways, is called under the tyrant to carry on the back, the heavy stele presses it not to be able casually to walk. Under the tyrant and the turtle are very similar.

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    , but examines carefully actually has the difference, under the tyrant has a row of tooth, but the turtle class actually does not have, under the tyrant and the turtle class the armor piece's number and the shape also has the difference on the carapace.

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    Under the tyrant calls the stone turtle,

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    is the longevity and the propitious symbol. It always strenuously forward holds up the head, four feet are supporting desperately, struggles is walking forward, but always moves does not take a step. Our country some prominent stele's base is carrying on the back by the tyrant,

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    may see in the stele forest and some historical site paradise

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    不好意思= =因英文占得字數很多所以要分好多段sorry

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    Enormous legendary fish:鯤鯓

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    謝謝你!! 幫了我大忙

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