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Grieving Cat - Help the Kitty!!?

I took in a beautiful 13 yr old cat today, His owner had passed away a week ago & he is very upset & scared.

I expected this, but does anyone have any good advice to help the little guy thru this?? We are very patient, we just want to lessen the pain for him as much as we can!!

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    The poor fellow. You are very good to take him in and to be so concerned about his welfare.

    You can help him by showing him lots of love and trying to get his attention with interactive play. If possible give him something that is familiar and smells like his former owner - a blanket, a shirt or whatever, and place it in a nice hiding spot, or refuge, like a box or something similar. If you can't retrieve a familiar item, just give kitty a nice hiding spot with a soft, comfy blanket. If possible, keep him on the same food he was eating before. If he goes off his food you may have to coax him to eat with something tempting like plain chicken or some fish, or whatever he will eat because he can get very sick if he goes too long without eating. Since he is older watch for stress related health issues as well and take him to the vet immediately if you suspect anything.

    I've included some links below that might give you some useful information to help kitty.

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    There is kitty hormone spray that you can get to soothe him. ALso be patient and just let him be. Cats take time to adjust to new situations. Just let him have his quiet area. I also when getting a new cat give them a safety room with all their stuff in it and close them in it for a few days. Then you open it and let them work all the new surroundings out on their own. You will find that once they get comfortable if something upsets them they will always return to their safe room to comfort themselves.

    Go to Dr Fosters and Smith website. I think it is called felaway. And their is another product called rescue remedy but i don't know if that is for just cats or dogs

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    I totally agree with Zeek and Jackson that is exactly what I was going to tell you to do. Bring some things from kitty's former home. Even something from the owner. Familiar smells is exactly what kitty needs.What a great person to adopt this poor orphan.Just give him all the extra petting time you can manage to squeeze in too!

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    I aquired a 14 yr old cat a couple months ago. She pretty much lived her whole life with one family. They moved closer to me but still had to travel quite a bit and had no one to take care of her.

    One day the cat is happily sleeping on a bedroom floor and next thing she knows shes in a new house with me never to see her other family again.

    Shes fat too and lays around quite a bit so not sure if shes depressed or just fat and lazy.

    The first day or so I let her be and get used to her new house. She chose one room that first day and its still her favorite.

    She comes out to the front room and lays on my lap. Greets me at the door when I come home to either go out or have her "laptime".

    Good luck with your new cat. Let her get used to her new place and to you. Let her know where she can go (couch, lap, chair etc) My new kitty seemed to wait for an invite at first unsure if she can go on certain things.

    I kept her same food and bowls so she can have something familar even tho she still "dug" in the water first few days.

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    You are GREAT! That's awesome you took him in - that is so wonderful! I think he'll just need time to get used to the new digs - that's upsetting even going away somewhere different w/ the same owner. I took in a stray and it took her a couple of days to adjust. Lotsa love and attention. She still is so antsy when we have to take a trip to the vet - just different surroundings. The very best of luck! He'll come around!

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    There's nothing you really can do except take good care of the cat and live him the best that you can. He may urinate on the bed or exhibit some erratic behavior. It's normal in the beginning because it's an adjustment period. In the end, I think he will cope.

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    Poor lil guy. That's gotta be tough for him AND for you to witness. Let's see.......because I'm no expert in cat psychology I'd have to say, if it were me, to keep him occupied as much as is humanly possible. Distraction and constant love and affection are about all I can come up with. And's gonna take a lot of time. Thank God he has you to care.

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    Time will heal all wounds, give this little guy LOTS of TLC & be patient with him...he'll come around

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