I need some sexy R&B songs of the 90's to the present?

my man and i will be seperated from each other for the next 3mths in about a week and i would like to have some songs to set the mood for our last nite together. some throwbacks would be nice that would get me and him both going. so please give me some suggestions

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    Sexy and romantic or sexy and freaky? I give you some of both..Im thinkin of songs with nice sexy beats and sexy romantic and passionate expressed words

    Usher. Nice and slow, seduction, can you handle it, lover and friends

    Raheem Devaugn-Costumer

    Silk-meeting in my bedroom, freaky with you

    Methrone, loving each other for life

    midnight star- slow jam (old school but not outdated)

    Keith sweet-right and wrong way, last forever

    maxwell-until the cops come, fortunate

    Jon B-they don't know

    Lyfe Jennings-must be nice

    Adina Howard-T-shirt and panties

    Jamie fox, warm bed, unpredictable, do what it do, DJ play this girl, can i take you home

    Jagged Edge-Ummph in it, He cant love you, Promise

    Aaliya-Let me know, can i come over, I miss you

    Robin Thicke-Lost with you

    Guy, Piece of my love, lets chill

    R kelly-honey love, best sex, many r kelly i cant think of them all

    genuwine-when we make love, those jeans

    Ne-yo-Mirror (freaky)

    avant-good love, dont take you love, my first love, bed room boom

    Tone toni tony-just me, it never rains, anniversary, slow wine, lay your head on my pillow

    Raphael sadiq-all i ask of you

    J-holiday, bed, suffocate

    TLC-Red light special

    Montel Jordan-whats on tonight, falling for you

    Jodeci, freakin you stay, forever my lady, come and talk to me

    K-ci and Mary j blige-if loving you is all

    mary j blige-seven days

    Jill scott-he loves me

    amerie-show me

    Johny gil-my my my, there you go

    Justin timerlake-end of times

    Bobby brown-rock with you

    Destiny child-cater to you, t-shirt

    Joe-Love scene, all the things, I wanna know

    Rome-I belong to you

    Next- Butter love

    H-town knockin da bootz

    dru hill-beauty

    Case-happily ever after

    prince-do me

    mario-cryng out

    MInt condition-breakin my heart

    blackstreet-deep, before i let go

    Alisha Key-My Diary


    shi-If I ever fall in love, sexual love


    few old school classics that still do the job

    rick james and teena marie- fire and desire

    Rick james and smokey robinson-ebony eyes

    Isley brothers-for the love of you

    that should be good for one lovely night

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    Methrone Songs

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    Nice & Slow- Usher

    So Anxious- Ginewine

    Make Love- Keri Hilson

    Weak- SWV

    Rock the Boat- Aaliyah

    I'll make love to you- Boys II Men

    Kissing you- Total

    Anywhere- 112

    Say It- Ne-yo

    Naked- Marcus Houstan

    Giving him something he can feel- Envouge

    Last night- All 4 one

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    large & sluggish- Usher So worrying- Ginewine Make Love- Keri Hilson vulnerable- SWV Rock the Boat- Aaliyah i visit make % to you- Boys II adult men Kissing you- finished everywhere- 112 Say It- Ne-yo bare- Marcus Houstan Giving him in spite of he can have faith- Envouge very final night time- All 4 one

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    that's a tricky question.

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    Was interested in the answer to this question too

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