Why are black women so bitter towards white women dating black men?

It's a free country and people date outside their race all the time but I have noticed that when a white woman dates a black man, black women have something nasty to say about it! Why would that offend black women?


Trust me, I'm not racist! I'm married to a black man and love everything about him and his family and where he comes from! I have heard personally totally out of line, rude things from black women's mouth... attacking me for being with my black husband! So if you ask me... that is RACIST!!!!

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    No so much racist as it is a numbers thing. There are so many of our men dead, in jail, or trying hard to be one or the other that the number of brothers that want to make a good life and have a family is cut waaaay down. Now subtract the gay and the various problem children and the numbers are cut even more. We won't even go into the number of sisters with degrees and good jobs vs the number of brothers with the same. Pickings is slim if you want a real shot at the American dream. Now with that great disparity, you see eligible brothers going with white women. Not racist, just numbers. Every decent one you take, is one less for a sister to find.

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    Bitter Black Women

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    Ok, I have to respond to one of the answers before anything..for the person who said that black men are all that black woman have because white men dont date black women...helloooo? White and black are not the only two races in the world. Mmm k.

    Oh, and I've seen white guys dating black women...so it's not even rare like that.

    And finally...I think it's because some black people still just have a little resentment towards white people...it may be subconscious...

    And also...some guys forget their own race when they get a chance at a white girl...or so I see it to be in certain situations...they think its special or something...dont know why. They fail to see women as equal. So yeah...it's not right, but there will be pissed off women of the same race


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    Well, assuming that you don't walk around with him like he's a trophy with your nose up at black women....

    I would venture to guess that there's just as many white women that are disgusted with white men getting with black women, as there are black women that are upset that white women are getting with black men.

    I would also take a wild guess that these women, whether white or black in each situation, simply have a low self-esteem, and playing the "race card" is the easiest way to boost it.

    Since you married him and plan to be with him til death, you might as well sit back and get ready to deal with this til then, because I really don't think this problem will go away any time soon. That comes with the package of inter-racial relationships. Trust me, I know. My wife is asian.

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    Excuse me?

    This statement is a hasty generalization..

    Not ALL black women have a problem with white women dating black men..

    I am a black female and I date outside my race.. I do not find interracial relationships a problem..

    However, the same way that a white men may be offended with a white women or his daughter dating a black man the same way a black woman may feel offended..

    Not everyone supports interracial relationships..

    I think some people grow up with a certain hatred or understanding that they only be with their own 'kind' and therefore they get upset to see otherwise..

    Some black women get upset because they only dat eblack men and therefore, the choices become less i suppose

    And some are upset because it seems that rich or educated black men are dating white women..

    I personally have no problem with interracial dating because i like everyone no matter their race...

    So please next time address your question correctly.. it is quite offensive..

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    black women get offended because there are black men who look down on black women. not everyone is the same. people have stereotypes about one another. often times black men may feel that white women are "easy" but with a black woman there is extra drama. black women nowadays tend to be more independent and its not necessarily an option. This causes that toughness that can be unattractive. There are white women who rub it in black womens face that they are dating a black man and then do things to try to be like a black woman. Black women were deemed as unattractive because of big lips big nose and curves but now people are making alterations to their bodies to be like black women.

    It is a free country, but i think it has more to do with being wanted. most white men date or rather marry white women, but black men do not marry black women as often. There was a segment on the tyra show about race and black women even have issues sometimes when fairer black women date black men. it is a free country (somewhat) but its still a competition when there are less straight men, more homosexuals, and even less men to women. what is it nowadays? 1 man to every 5 women or something like that.

    Source(s): I am a black women, bi racial, multi racial whatever you want to call it, but i consider myself to be black. been there done that. Im married to a black man who has dated nothing more than white women b4 me.
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    It Annoys Me When People Generalize A Race 😒. I Dont Give Two Craps About Who Anyone Dates. I'm A BW And I Like WM. I Wouldnt Want Anyone To Judge Me.

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    Perception of "White Women" as an extension of "Jim Crow" expresses the insecurities of generations. In a primitive sense "White Women" have resurrected the authority to sensually use "black men" in a manner similar to how slave masters used "slave women".

    "White Women" give the impression of entitlement to the mythical ebonic pleasure.

    The more things change. The more things appear to remain the same.

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    I've noticed that too. Good question.

    Frankly I think the black women should try dating white guys. I would date a black woman in a heartbeat. Woof!

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    Because they might like to discriminate people because black and white people didn't get along before, and that little law stuck to those people. The black might have remembered how they got treated unfairly. Or, those black women just doesn't like the white women and doesn't want the women to date a black men. :)

    Source(s): common sense
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