Do people traveling wear masks on the plane to avoid swine flu contamination?

I know it might sound stupid, but I'm going to france in 2 weeks and I'm really paranoid of getting the swine flu, so i was wondering if people do this or if I'll look stupid wearing that mask for 8 consecutive hours, or even worse, if people will think I caught the flu!!

Thanks a lot


I live in Montreal btw

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    To the guy who said that wearing a mask won't protect you, that's not completely true. If you get the right type of mask, then it should not just keep the germs spreading from you but TO YOU... you have to get like a duck bill mask found at most hospitals...not the plane surgical mask that gapes on the sides... the duck bill mask is used at hospitals when around TB patients so i'm pretty sure you'd be safe from the flu if you used that...

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    It's best to prepare protecting yourself than risking yourself to catch the swine flu. Don't worry about looking stupid since protecting yourself by wearing a mask is a smart thing to do. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry.

    I live in California, United States and a few people already started wearing masks in public places (like at the supermarket store) because they're worried and there aren't any known swine flu case in the area I live.

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    Yes I wear a mask all day at work (I work in an ER) the good thing is your 87 y/o grandmom has probably already been exposed to the H1N1 when she was a child so she should have some immunity to the virus. She will be fine even if you catch the bug.

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    Okay people are really confused about the masks. They are not to keep you from getting the flu. They are to keep YOU from spreading the flu. Think about it.. the flu virus is a microscopic organism.. those mask don't fit tightly.. they aren't going to stop you from breathing in a bug. What they do is keep you from aspirating particulates of mucus and saliva into the air and infecting others. It also makes people feel safer, and when they feel safer, they tend to have stronger immune systems. Seriously, not making it up.

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    You never know. There might be others doing it. I wouldn't worry about what others think anyway. You'll never see them again. You could even make your own flu mask if you wanted. Here's how to make your own, according to the CDC:

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    France doesn't have the swine flu yet so no worries be happy

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    yes people do it all the time and a lot more people will be wearing it more and more because you never know what country people come from in the airports and people sitting on the same plane as you. i'd wear it to be safe

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    Do whatever you need to do to protect yourself. Don't worry about "looking stupid". You would be looking smart.

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    Sure ... be a panicky person , the world cant get enough of it.

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