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How can i tap into the net?

My landlord is a prick who gets mad at me and cuts off the wireless router in his room so i cant access the net. It pisses me off on a major scale esp since he said I could use the net AND I pay 600 bucks a month for this tiny *** room. I have a wireless usb adapter for my PC from linksys but i'm out of range from other people's signals so when he takes it sown I go down to. He gets the net from the cable company and has the standard modem and a wireless router from d link i believe. At any rate there is an active cable line in the room across the hall from mine and I'm on the second floor. I know it works because i can get cable on it. I've tried everything i can think of but whenever he unplugs the router of course i loose signal. Is there some way I can stay online without him knowing? I just HATE the fact that he has control over me in such an asinine way. I have no phone so the only way i can talk to my friends or get info is to go online. PLEASE HELP!!!

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    The only thing you can do is get your own cable. A active cable line does not do you any good. When you hook a modem to it. You would have to call the cable company and give them the information off the modem so it could work. Since it's not your account, you can't do that. I would really think about moving if he's using some kind of power trip on you. He get's mad and turns off your internet. Is this your Dad or something?

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