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I like him... What should I do?

We hung out a lot... I liked him, he told me and a few of his friends that he liked me... We hooked up with one another (it was very unlike both of us just to randomly hook up with someone, he has only been with two girls, and i've never done anything like that... we both talked about this before hand)... And continued to hang out... One of his close friends said he had talked to her about me, and that he definitely liked me. He then said a week later he was confused... And when I talk to him and other people about it they all said he was going through a lot right now(his mom being sick, stuff at home, stress toward the end of the year, graduating) and he couldn't commite to a girlfriend. We haven't hung out in a month and haven't talked in a week. I don't know what to do?

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    Talk to him, but don't be too aggressive. If he talks openly on what he feels then that's great, but if he doesn't, give it time. But, if you guys both like each other, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't

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    You can try calling him and tell him you're there for him and that he doesn't have to worry about you and ask how you can help. Cool things down for the moment and help him through his life now. (:

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    you should talk to him.

    it happened to me but the girl was in his shoes but no graduation

    tell him that you want to be with him through all this and it will be bring you two closer hopefully

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    Just talk to him and try to help him out if it doesn't get to normal at first give it some time.

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    i would call him and just talk to him...see whats wrong and be there for him

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