Were Stephen and JT dumb to vote out Tyson on Survivor?

Now they eliminate the warrior allience and may find them selves down in numbers unless Sierra swings. If they kept the warrior allience Sierra would've gone home and they would've taken out Errin and Taj going to the Final 5.

Some say that the members of Timbira in the group (Tyson, Coach and Debby) would've gone after JT or Stephen at that pt The thing is they had the idol which becomes useless after that episode

The smart move would've been to get to the Final 5 and once they get their the 3 Timbira members would've likely gone after JT (The stronger person)> The smart move would be for JT to play the idol and have him and Stephen vote out Tyson. That would've made JT the strongest person going into the last challenge


I'm not talking about whether you're happy to see Tyson gone but whether it was a smart move for Stephen and JT

They lose an alliance where JT would've emerged as the strongest person going into the Final 4 if they played it right

Update 2:

edit- James. God p about how Errin gave JT an idication she'd flip. You also think Sierra would because you know she wants to rub "You made your bed now LAY on it" at Coach. Plus she doesn't seem to like Errin

Meanwhile she seemed friendly w/Taj at Exile and Stephen and JT haven't pissed her off yet.

However it seems she may actually stay w/Coach, Debby and Errin

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    It's all part of the revenge plot that Coach has. JT and Stephen are going to vote Coach off next and he, Tyson, and Brendon are going to go and find the pygmies that tied Coach up and beat him with sticks. The Dragon and Dragon Slayer, along with their Blonde Knight are going on the warpath. I would hate to be those pygmies.

  • No JT and Stephen want to go to the end with TAJ! And with Erinn and Sierra on their side it's 5-2 but I think Erinn will flop so 4-3!

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    Heck no. That was one of the greatest episodes I've ever seen on Survivor!! They took Coach the dragon slayer off his fire mountain and lets all watch him with his tail between his legs playing both sides of his face, trying to manipulate Sierra, when the whole time he's had it in for her!

    Smart move!! Now Debbie and Coach don't have the power they thought they had, and I'm tickled pink about it!!! It was great to see those smug smiles wiped right off their faces!!!!!!! The power has shifted and I hope Coach is NEXT!!!! Would love to have seen Tyson's face when he walked into that jury house and had to face Brandon!!! tee hee hee!!!!


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    No, they were smart to get rid of that ******, Tyson. He was too good at challenges, so it was a logical choice.

    Sierra would have to be a complete retard to vote with Coach and Debbie this week.

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    No, it was brilliant in my opinion. Tyson and Coach both needed to be brought down a peg. Did you see Coach's face? Priceless! I hope he's the next to go.

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    Nope - I think they did the right thing. Coach absolutely gets on my every last nerve. They need to get rid of him next.

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