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Can you define these negative Spanish phrases for me?

I need these phrases defined because I can't quite remember what they are for my Spanish homework:

ya no...-






no hay de que-

nunca mas-

ni siquiera-

en ninguna parte-


Ok so now can someone help me mark the question as resolved/select a best answer to my question? :) thanks.

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    ya no: not anymore

    no...nunca/jamas: no...never again

    no...nada: nothing

    no...nadie: nobody

    no...todavia; no...still

    no...tampoco: no not either

    no hay de que: what isnt there of

    nunca mas: never again

    ni siquiera: not even

    en ninguna parte: no where

  • 1 decade ago

    ya no = not anymore

    no, nunca = no, never

    no, nada = no, nothing

    no...todavia = not yet

    no...tampoco = either

    no hay de que = you are welcome

    nunca mas = never again

    ni siquiera = not even

    en ninguna parte = nowhere

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