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Why did it take the US so long to adopt one party rule when it has worked so well in China and Cuba?

Thanks to Specter (Franken is all but a done deal) we'll have one party rule just like China and Cuba; they don't have obstructionists or any "party of 'no," or gridlock!

The GOP can just sit in their offices and twiddle their thumbs since they are now irrelevant and their votes don't matter.


The GOP NEVER had a super majority from 2000-2006, so the senate dems could filibuster!

now we'll soon have a super-majority and NO filibuster!

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    the US is a serial one party country...they just can't decide which one, so they switch a lot

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    Because one party rule is not a good thing in a democratic, constitutional republic. The filibuster is an invaluable tool for either party to use to ensure that a bill does not get passed without time for due consideration. Hardly anyone in Congress will admit to actually reading the stimulus bill in its entirety. Now they won't have to read any of the bills since most politicians put party first anyway.

    This won't last too long. The American people will get fed up with all the nonsense coming out of Congress and things will change again. Either that are you will actually see states banding together to defy the federal government. One party rule creates more problems than it solves.

  • mackie
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    Scary isn't,to think a liberal,socialize party now will control the country and we the people will have no said so in how it is run. The Dems will do just what they want with out one thought of the people's desire. That is the difference, the Republicans will at least try to listen. And for those of you that think the Reps controlled congress the last 8 years, you seem to have forgotten the Dems had control the last 2 years of Bush. I hope the 2010 elections will even congress out and not one person or party will have total control of the government or our lives. And for those of you that want a one party government,please move to Iran,Cuba,or Russia,get out of America and quite trying to destroy this one.

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    The Dems were in worse shape then the gop is now circa 1980. Repubs will show strong again. We don't go to one party rule exactly because of the poor results in places like China, Cuba, and formerly Mexico.

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    First Russia at present 2d isn't one occasion government. Soviet Union replaced into, yet the place is it now and how properly are countries with one occasion government which includes N.Korea,Cuba and China doing on the financial front.

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    Having multiple parties is a good thing. It is what helps bring about change and represent more of the population. What you're talking about will do neither. You only want the people that agree with you represented... Which is repressing the rest of the people... how is this even conceivably right??

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    TO ET CETERA, the republicans never controlled so much of the Congress as to prevent a filibuster. I think that was the point.

  • 1 decade ago do you like your Socialism?? Cooked or Raw??

    Hope you pockets are deep and full of money cause you will be giving more and more to the government to survive so they can give it away!

    You really think China and Cuba are so great? You are a bigger fool than Obama is!!

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    We are entering dangerously into that spectrum. But your wrong Democrats and Republicans can sit and twiddle. The one party we must safeguard against includes both Republicans and Democrats, they are obsolete, its the behind the scene power that orchestrates through propaganda and hidden agenda the savior Obama and his handpicked staff.

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    as i recall Karl Rove was attempting to make the democratic party irrelevant and establish a Republican age...FAIL!

    shoe on the other foot doesn't feel good does it. democrats aren't engineering this one. the dems are just riding the tide. the swing to the left is just a response to the GOP running aground on the jagged shore of public opinion. the current actions of the GOP aren't doing them any favors whatsoever.

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    Frankly I think that the GOP has drifted to the extremes in recent years and I won't mourn their demise. It's not that I like the Democrats so's just that the Republicans did such a terrible job. Having said that, we are at a point in history where a credible opposition would be good for the country. We need a moderating influence in Washington. Unfortunately, the only thing that the Republicans have consistently stood for is themselves. Don't like one party rule? The Republicans did it to themselves.....while they were "doing" us.

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