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is it possible to make a track bike(fixie) with a road bike frame?

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    Well, it technically won't be a track bike, but yeah, you can convert a road bike to be fixed. My bike is a converted 83 Fuji 12-speed. The main thing to look for is a bike that has horizontal drop-outs, because it will be a whole lot easier than trying to do a bike with vertical drops (though that can be done). Typically most modern road bikes have vertical drops though, so you will most likely be using an older road frame (like from a 10 speed or whatever). I too am posting the article by Sheldon Brown, as it is basically the holy book of fixed gear conversions. I have it linked specifically to the part about drop outs though, since that's what I was talking about.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    a lot of *real* tracks prohibit converted road bikes

    reason - their bottom brackets are too low

    danger of scraping a pedal on the track and wrecking is too high

    it;s also not great to ride these on the street either

    same thing

    since you have to always pedal, there is a higher chance that you will scrape a pedal and wreck in a turn

    but people still do it

    you can get shorter cranks and pedals that don;t stick out as far, but the problem still remains

    get horizontal dropouts, like someone else said


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  • Carlos
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    1 decade ago
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