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In Professional Wrestling, what speaks louder: words or action?

You can only choose one over the other. Please explain your answer and put some thought into it if you have to. Thanks.

BQ -- Which would you rather watch? A program with stacked full of fantastic promos/segments/angles with little to no wrestling (OR) A program with 3 - 4 fantastic wrestling matches with horrible promos/segments/angles? Explain your answer, please.

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    Look at TNA and WWE now. The fact that TNA has more promos now and is getting higher ratings than months ago is a sad proof that words go farther than action in Professional Wrestling, and most of the people they want to attract don't care, either. Even with WWE fans, look how most of them cheer for people with mic skills and want people to be able to talk and dismiss everyone else, even if they're exceptional in the ring. That explains it right there.

    BQ: I'd take a program with 3 - 4 fantastic wrestling matches with horrible promos/segments/angles. Professional Wrestling is known for horrible storylines once they break out of the "I want a title shot" scenarios anyways.

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    On most companies, besides the mainstream ones, promos aren't as much of a priority. You can get away with horrid mic skills as long as you can back everything up in the ring. That's probably why most independent organizations can stay moderately successful. When you're relying on words too much, aren't you just becoming just like any other drama on television?

    3-4 Fantastic wrestling matches. Again, if you're watching a wrestling show, shouldn't you want to see wrestling? Promos are good to add to the product but when the product is based on promos and wrestling becomes the secondary tool, isn't the true form of professional wrestling being lost?

  • The Action speaks louder then words. Because most memorable spots are remembered forever like Bret Hart giving Stone Cold a figure four on the turnbuckle at WM13, Someone falling out of a scaffold, or Jeff Hardy doing whatever insane stunt he has in his head.

    Promos also keep a wrestler remembered like when Sting talked about the new generation last year, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels staredown, or Kurt Angle talking about Jeff Jarretts family.

    I always think how most wrestlers will be remembered with the stunts they pull that people have never seen before.

    BQ: If I had to choose it would be fantastic promos with little to no wrestling. Who ever thougt comedy should be in wrestling should be slapped, because today people are livid sick and tired.

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    As the sayings go "Talk is cheap..." & "Actions speak louder than words..." & "If you talk the talk, you must be able to walk the walk..."

    Simply put; if you can't back up, in the ring, what you say... than why even say anything at all? A real professional wrestler should be 90% skills and 10% talk. Albeit good mic skills, nowadays, makes a wrestler; great in-ring skills makes a legend!

    BQ: Horrible promos aside; I would prefer to watch 3-4 fantastic wrestling matches. Let the wrestlers showcase their REAL talent; and keep all that other BS on the sideline. That's what I think...

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    To Explain it, The Rock... He talks trash.. Sometimes he back it up with action, but most times he don't.. But still the promos he gave, will be remembered forever...

    BQ: I would rather watch the program with good promos/segments/angles with an avg. wrestling.. :)


    Whatever they do, it is for entertainment...

    However they wrestle, it is scripted...

    For me, entertainment is more in promos/segments/angles..


    I am just WWE fan, saying my opinion..

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  • WORDS bc 90% of wrestling today is promos and storylines and without them matches would suck ud get bored of watching and eventualy stop watching this is same for whyid rather watch A PROGRAM STACKED WITH GREAT ANGLES AND LITTLE MATCHES bc youd still see good matches just thered be one two or three a night insted of jam packing them with crappy matches

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    I would have to say Macho Man Randy Savage. He pioneered the sport to what it is today. no body ever used the top rope before him. his in ring agility and moves from the top rope where practically unheard of at that time. He paved the way for people like the hardys, edge and christian the entire x division I think your all getting my point. he brought that lasting image to his matches that are often taken to another extreme. Now if leaving a legacy like that isn't to be considered the greatest I don't know what is.had he not brought that with him who knows where wrestling would be today. So i would say he has had the biggest lasting impact in the buisness. So to me that makes him the greatest of all time. i cant think of anyone else who propeled the buisness in anyway close to that. High Flying and risk taking will forever be sanonomous with the macho man. ooooohhhhh yeeaahh!!!!! BQ= 4 for last nights raw

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    Good question, for me my actions speak louder than any word that comes to mind because I am the wwe champion and I put triple H on the shelf

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