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What kind of attractions are there at Disneyland California Adventure?

Like what are some of the thrill rides?

and other fun rides to ride?

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    California Adventure was created to appeal to adults (in the sense that there would be a lot of thrill rides). Some popular ones include Grizzly River Run (white-water rafting ride. I heard on Travel Channel that it has the biggest drop on record for that kind of ride.), California Screamin' (a HUGE rollercoaster), and Twilight Zone's Hollywood Tower of Terror (one of those rides that's basically a giant drop from the ceiling. It's supposed to be like you're in an elevator of a creepy, abandoned hotel). They have a complete list of California Adventure's rides on (too many to list).

    Some ones you have to try out are:

    ~Soarin' Over California

    ~Muppetvision 3D

    ~Monster's Inc. (at the very end, Roz [the slug lady in the movie] gives you a customized greeting and she's known to be a little flirty with male passengers)

    ~Toy Story Midway Mania (one of the best rides in the history of the world)

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    There is California Screamin' and that is the big roller coaster there, and that is awesome. Tower of terror is a ride that drops you several stories, its like a drop zone ride. There is Soarin', that is where you sit a chair and then it moves you up towards a big movie screen and while the movie is playing you are flying over california. There is also Grizzly River Run, a big water ride; Mulholland Madness, its a short roller coaster but it is a lot of fun. Then there are a bunch of other small rides that are fun. Go to and click on the explore button and click on California Adventure, you will be able to see all the rides and other thenings they have to offer.

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    Golden State: Soarin' Over California, Grizzly River Run

    Paradise Pier: California Screamin', Mulholland Madness, Toy Story Mania, Maliboomer, Jumpin' Jellyfish

    Hollywood Pictures Backlot: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Monster's Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue

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    They are re-designing a lot of the park right now. If you wait until summer there will be a really cool water and light show at night at the pier, and a Cars Land like in the Pixar movie! But the roller coaster and new toy story ride are both lots of fun. And yeah, like they said, Grizzly is great on hot days. You'll have to get a fast pass though if you don't want to wait 3 hours. Tower of Terror isn't usually that bad of a line! Have fun!

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    There are lots of rides at Disney's California Adventure, also known as D.C.A.

    For a full list of rides at Disney's California Adventure visit:

    For thrill rides, definately go with Twilight Zone's Tower Of Terror, you literally feel like you are going to die while you are on it, you won't find that type of thrill ride anywhere but at Disney's California Adventure.

    By the way, Disneyland is next door to D.C.A., D.C.A. stands for Disney's California Adventure and the word Disneyland is not in the title.

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    I submit to in recommendations as quickly as we went, which became into admittedly approximately 4 years in the past, we had fastpass and it made each little thing plenty much less confusing. basically what it does is which you take place to a experience, after which they do something, and provide you a time again lower back, so which you do no longer could wait in the main properly known strains, in spite of the undeniable fact that on a number of them, like I submit to in recommendations the super rollercoaster (California Screamin i think of it became into observed as), you made it previous one line, yet there became into nonetheless a secondary line you had to attend in - yet no longer for almost as long. So basically, you're able to do merely regardless of, go get a mickey mouse formed ice cream extremely of waiting in an prolonged and tedious line. i don't be conscious of which rides try this in spite of the undeniable fact that, i be conscious of merely a number of them do, in all probability in case you hunted around this website it may permit you be conscious of someplace, desire this facilitates! =)

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    Go On

    it shows youu everything there is to know about the park: all the rides, eating places, special events etc. its really helpfull

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