What is the best clan and weapon for pvp in 12 sky 2?

I'm going to make an account i just want two know the best class for pvp so i woul dbe good in factions wars.

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    I play the original 12 sky, and I went with the Fujin or Snake clan for 12 sky 2. Just as the site says, Fujins attack quickly and have the highest weapon quality but as they level their stats increase the least. Jinong or Tiger clan have slow attacks and the worst weapon quality but their stats go up a lot each level. It's personal choice on how you want to play the game. Jinong can one hit people pretty well. Fujin are more multi hit skill oriented. That's for 1v1. If your talking about fraction wars then the win usually goes to the people who have the most, which is usually the most popular clan on the server. I wouldn't go with dragon, but it's your choice to go with Tiger or Snake. Just pick which one you would want to fight with; Speed attacks or Powerful attacks. With 1v1 on higher levels Tiger usually win just because of their high hp and damage, but Snake can still fight just as well. I would recommend Tiger for an overall strong account for 1v1, but they might not necessarily win all the time in fraction wars due to popularity of other fractions on the server.

    Source(s): Level 114 Fujin on 12 sky 1
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    any suggestion for a stats?

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