In Buddhism...please need help.?

in buddhism who is mara and his forces??whats the buddha's meaning in life?what do buddhist's do at pilgramages?(eg.they sit/stand or what?)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Mara and his forces are the satan and fallen angels symbol of buddhism. He is the one who tempted Siddhartha under the bodhi tree before Siddhartha became enlightened and thus received the title of Buddha. The Buddha's meaning of life is that it is the only opportunity to attain enlightenment and detach yourself from the wheel of life called Karma in the afterlife. The Buddha believed that human existance is the only time when a person can free themselves from the wheel. If you live like a pig you will die and be reincarnated as a pig and will have to continuously live and die in different forms until you reincarnate into a human and are able to have the intelligence to seperate from the wheel. The pilgrimage thing is based on the tradition being followed, some sit and others stand, it is not to pertinent to the pilgrimage itself, just their way.

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