Whats a good place on the internet to publish a children's series or what could be an animated series idea?

I'm not self centered about my ideas I apologize, but I have childrens series that I'd like to publish or get the idea out there to be noticed. I'm new to publishing, I used to write for fun, but I want to make my ideas and characters noticed by others that possibly want to use them. How could I do this?

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    Your question is all over the place and therefore confusing and difficult to answer. When you say you have a children's series to be published, that means you have written, edited, re-edited, and printed a manuscript that's ready to be sent to agents/publishers. But then you say you have ideas and characters that you want others to use, which sounds like you haven't written anything at all.

    If you're ready to publish, I would strongly suggest getting an agent, unless you're prepared to navigate contracts and negotiate with publishers. www.agentquery.com is a good list to start with. You can contact publishers directly, but most will not deal with unsolicited manuscripts. www.writersmarket.com is a great source (the book is as well) and www.writersdigest.com has great tips. Good luck!

    EDIT: Forgot to add that publishing on the internet is not the same as normal publishing. Anything put on the internet is NOT considered publishing and would be nearly impossible to receive credit for. Internet publishing is not recommended because publishing houses will not pay good money for something you're giving away for free on the internet. But if your bent on internet publishing, fictionpress.com and worthyofpublishing.com are popular.

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