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Let me ask you something; Do you believe yourself to be Clever?

Is that belief really just a self-defense mechanism, to stop yourself from realising the sheer folly of your actions?

Do you perform mind tricks upon yourself in order to protect your own sense of superiority?

How many unknown factors must i ask about, before you realise that Fear is Not your ally?

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    Clever in creating different solutions for small problems that come up every once in a while. Yeah I am bit clever in coming up with solutions. Although I am not clever when it comes to correctly executing simple things around the house; I get very confused. I think before I do something, but before even thinking I have small pauses that immobilize me from even begging to act. I'm really apprehensive when it comes to my actions. I always feel that they should be fully thought out before even begging. It's not so much as self defense but as a precaution for serious actions. That precaution also applies towards me speaking or responding to something.

    Hmm.. mind tricks, that would be a cool-as thing to have in dispose of. Imagine all the things the mind will me able to do with the power of mind tricks! But really I don't think I trick my self in believing or acting clever to feel superior in my self. Since I know I'm not even close a sense of perfection.

    To figure out that fear is not in your alliance you must first target fear as a blockade for your path to enlightenment or something similar. By questioning the unknown factors you won't get much information to use in conquering fear. It would be like observing a huge wall in front of you with out any intention in climbing over it. You must first confront the blockade and attempt to climb over the intimidating towering wall.

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    I do believe myself to be quite clever, yes. However i do not play mind tricks upon myself. I am the only person to whom i don't do that. The rest of the people i know must either endure the tricks I play on them or they just vanish.

    I do have a highly developed sense of superiority but i do not think of myself as being at the top of the food chain, not at all. In fact i dearly hope that there are people out there smarter than me, cause if i were to be the best one could be... i would really weep for humanity. However, i think my sense of superiority is born from the fact that i'm surrounded by people that are a step over moron, that's all.

    Fear, has nothing to do with being clever or being open about the fact that one considers himself/herself to be smart. Truth be told, the reason for which most intellectually developed beings challenge themselves and those around them is not to strike fear into the hearts of those underprivileged but to push themselves and those that they challenge further and further. Most of the times, these are the most analytical persons you will ever meet, self-analytical above all else, and they will always know the consequences of their actions.

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    My dear friend....

    Well....hmmmmm....actually I try NOT to do "folly actions" (anymore...I've matured meanwhile...-smile-

    Second...I don't actually have a "sense of superiority", because if you think "You're IT"...then you stop "becoming"...honey !

    Fear...anger...hate...jealousy...envy, etc. are all negative emotions, which I do NOT let even come into my mind, because they only drain your energy and leave you "empty", so I try to only focus on the positive things/emotions, etc.

    I wish you all the BEST for the future ! Greetings from Germany with all my love & care...your friend....Annette***

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    i believe i am quite clever.

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