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Where can I find the TM Earthquake in Pokemon Diamond?

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    Hi there. You can find TM 25 Earthquake at the very end of the "secret" part of the Wayward Cave. When you go to the normal entrance of Wayward Cave, move to the left of the entrance until you hit the trees, and then continue doing this until you find a hidden break in the trees and keep walking west until you hit the edge of the trees, and then walk north into the secret entrance of the Wayward Cave.

    NOTE: You will need a Pokemon that knows Flash, Strength, and Rock Smash AND you will also need the Bike in order to get the TM25 Earthquake. Also note that you can find Gible in the lowest part of this dungeon :)

    After you go through this "secret" part of Wayward Cave to the very end, you will find the TM25 Earthquake as well as the Grip Claw, I believe.

    Hope this helps :)

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    It can first be found in Wayward Cave's secret entrance. Later, after beating the Elite Four, you can exchange it at the Fight Center for 64 battle points. The second method is much more difficult, so I would reccomend searching in Wayward Cave while you can.

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