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Personality test for jobs?

I just took a Personality test for a customer service job. I think I did okay but is it a pass or fail. There was one question: Have you ever taken anything from your job. The answers were $25 of value $50 of value and it went up to $2500.00 of value. I figure most people have walked away with a pen or something from their job so I answered A.$25.00 of value. I think I failed! They say be honest. I think that if you answered to perfectly then you fail. Has anyone ever taken one of these personality test for jobs and failed? I am sooo nervous I really need this job!

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    yea, you're definately not going to get that job.

    I took a class in college and we prepared a similar test for Home Depot.

    FYI...imma let you in on a little secret.. The answer will always be YES or NO. Nothing in between..theres no maybe yes..maybe no..or maybe..its simple..YES or NO. Some tests will ask you from 1 - 5 how much do you agree? It'll ALWAYS either be 1 OR 5 not 2, 3,or 4 always keep that in mind.

    Employers do not want to find out you stole $25 worth of anything..whether it was a pen..a paper clip.

    Even if you have..answer NO.

    You;re almost admitting to them that you're a thief, and employer dont want to be at risk of hiring an employee that might steal from them.

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    Jees i'd have answered NO even if it were a lie. Employers want honesty but they also don't want a thief haha. Don't lose hope if you don't get this one:)

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