what is the meaning of public sector industries?what are the public sector industries in karnataka?

this info is for an assignment........i need an industry where i can get info on the raw materials used,the infrastructure that they have,the waste produced and how this waste is disposed

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is B.H.E.L.,B.E.L. a public sector industry?

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    Public sector industries get some of their funding from the goverment.

    Public sector has played an important role in the industrial development of India. Before independence there were a few public sector enterprises in India such as Railways, the Posts and Telegraphs, the Port Trusts, the Ordinance Factories, and All India Radio etc. In the early years of independence, capital was scarce and the entrepreneurial resource was not strong enough. Therefore, the 1956 Industrial Policy Resolution gave primacy to the role of the State which was directly responsible for industrial development. The public sector provided the required thrust to the economy and developed and nurtured the human resources. During this era public sector enterprises came to be known as the commanding heights of the Indian economy.

    There are 2 kinds of public sector industries in india

    -Central owned Public sector industries or enterprises (PSE)

    - State owned Public sector industries or Enterprises (PSE)

    Central owned PSE examples can be found here :


    some of the Central owned (Govt of India) have origins in karnataka. some os them are:

    -syndicate bank

    -Canara Bank

    -Corporation Bank

    -Mangalore refinery and petrochemicals ltd. etc...

    Here are some public sector industries in undertaken by govrnment of Karnataka:

    1 NGEF Ltd., Bangalore

    2 Mysore Lamps Works Ltd.

    3 Chamundi Machine Tools Ltd.

    4 Mysore Acetate and Chemicals Ltd

    5 Karnataka State Textiles Ltd

    6 Karnataka Telecom ltd

    7 Mysore Cosmetics Ltd

    8 Mysore Match Co. Ltd.

    9 Karnataka Agro Industries Corpn. Ltd.

    10 Karnataka Silk Industries Corpn. Ltd.

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    Public sector refers to government run or government funded industries.

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