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Newmarket....Guineas Weekend, can you name top 3 horses to win at HQ on both days?

Just for fun compy to see who can be the top Guineas Weekend tipster. Just choose 3 horses that will win at NEWMARKET ONLY on Saturday and Sunday...this must include the 2,000 Guineas and the 1,000 Guineas...anyone choosing the winner of either or both of these races will get double points.

Posted this question early but probably best to post nearer the time, around Thursday/Friday.

Will post my selections Friday night...good luck all...Jac x


Just to clarify...thats double points for the Classic race winners only, not any of the other races..good luck x

Update 2:


...well done getting 33/1 for Lahaleeb she is a decent filly and should run a good race. I backed Fantasia at 20-1 ante post and now she is a non runner, I think for me its between the fav. RAINBOW VIEW and SERIOUS ATTITUDE, will know nearer the day.

I'm not a Rip Van Winkle fan and prefer O'Briens other horse MASTERCRAFTSMAN, at the moment RipVanWinkle has sustained a bruised foot and to win the Guineas you can't have an injury scare hanging around, need to be 200% fit.

32=1 good luck with Pursuit of Glory also a big price, worth watching out for ..Jac x

Update 3:

Edit: 18.18

You can change you selections up to 12.30 on Saturday 2nd May..

A reserve may also be added but all horses must be running at NEWMARKET ONLY over Saturday and Sunday...Thanks..enjoy the mini compy..x

Update 4:

Thanks I think des is doing a great job, I could in no way fill those

Just to clarify then:

Choose 3 horses to run Saturday


(plus a reserve if you want to)

which must include the 2,000 Guineas.

Then Choose 3 horses to run Sunday...


(plus reserve if you want to)

which must include the 1,000 Guineas.

Points to be awarded as follows:-

Evens and below -1 point

2-1 and below = 2 points

3-1 - 3 points

7-2 - 3.5 points

and so on...............................

Picking the winner of the 2,000 Guineas = double points for that race

Picking the winner of 1,000 Guineas = double points for that race

Which makes everyones Guineas entry their NAP bet.

PAM need to add a few more horses.

Good Luck...Last posting 12.30 Saturday...Its going to be a great weekend....good luck to all....Jac xx

Update 5:

Edit: 1st May....

Mick well spotted...ha ha... the (-1) was meant to read = (equals 1 point) hit the wrong key...

....glad you spotted that Sir Alan would have Fired me...Jac x

Update 6:

DEAN H....can you submit 3 more horses, so that you have

3 on Saturday and

3 on Sunday...thanks Jac...

Update 7:

My selections are as follows:- Saturday:


4.20 ..... INFIRAAD

4.55 ..... SOPRANIST


3.45 ..... Chief Editor



Update 8:

3.50 ..... EXCLAMATION



2.35 Heaven Scent

Good luck to all and will post the winner Sunday night (late) when I get home from Newmarket, with loads of cash (I hope).

Seriously think Rainbow View can't be beat but Serious Attitude is by one of my fav horses of all time Mtoto, so will go for her in the compy.

Look forward to your selections des and everyone else who takes part.

Tommy2Cans is banned from posting another Acceptance Speech if he wins (lol) and nobody can change their selection after 12.30 Saturday....

Thanks for taking part...good luck to all..Jac xx

Update 9: have to post all 6 horses before 12.30 on Saturday..that's when the compy closes....also sent you an email...Jac x

Update 10:


HALFWAY RESULTS **************

Hot Fuss is leading with 16 points (double points for Guineas winner Sea The Stars..well done...brilliant race

Sir Alan lies 2nd with 8 points and

The Blue Shadow 3rd with 7 Points.

Winner announced tomorrow.. late.. after I get home from Newmarket...hope to be celebrating if Rainbow View comes home... so may have to double check that I have totted up the scores

Good luck for Sunday...Jac xx

Update 11:

OKAY...its now approaching midnight and I am still getting over the defeat of Rainbow View by Ghanaati (what a brilliant filly) and why oh why didn't they run Fantasia...can't understand it.

Simm .. Lahaleeb was well beaten also...thankfully Aspen Darling who broke down in the race is ok and will be saved for stud...she sustained a tendon injury...

Anyway on with the compy result:-


Hot Fuss 23 points and 3 winners including the 2,000 Guineas winner at 8-1

**********WELL DONE Hot Fuss**********

2nd Place: Sir Alan - 16.50 points

Joint 3rd: pkscally, Simm 101 and The Blue Shadow........................7 points

4th place: sam g ...... 6 points

5th place: Robert J ....3.25 points

All on 1 point:

Pam H

des ..sorry des no trophy tonight x

tommy2cans - no acceptance speech


David H


and finally

Mick the painter

Hit the ground running

and jmp

Thanks to all who took part...Jac xxx

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  • 1 decade ago
    Best Answer


    2:30 All The Aces

    3:10 Sea The Stars

    4:20 Folsomprisonblues


    2:00 Hatton Flight

    2:35 Heaven Sent

    3:15 Lahaleeb

  • 1 decade ago

    Hey Jac, you after Des's job? Lol.

    Good idea to have a comp just for the Guineas weekend. Well done.

    I'll post my selections nearer the time but could you please clarify whether we should be picking 3 selections over the whole weekend or do we choose 3 on saturday and a further 3 for sunday?

    Hey Jac, its a brilliant idea scoring minus one point for anything evens or below. Bet it wont go down too well with Sir Alan though, you know how he likes his odds-on shots!


    2-00 Flipando... 3-10 Ouqba... 3-45 Chief Editor

    Reserve: 2-30 Spanish Moon


    2-00 Distinctive Image... 3-15 Lahaleeb... 3-50 Baby Strange

    Reserve: 5-00 Snoqualmie Girl

    Good luck all.

  • 1 decade ago

    1000 Guineas I do fancy Rainbow view and she prob will win BUT I'm going to take the 14's on Shimah and also do the reverse forecas

    2000 Guineas I'm a BIG Jim Bolger fan so I'll wait to see if Kevin rides Gan Amhras

    So for now my 2 selections are

    1000 Guineas Shimah

    2000 Guineas Gan Amhras

    Will update nearer Sat and give a 3rd selection

    Ok Sat

    2.30 Casual Conquest

    3.10 Gan Amhras

    3.45 Kings Apostle


    3.15 Shimah

    2.35 Heaven Sent

    2.00 Boz

    I will post my acceptance speech Sat night in advance as I will not be beat!! lol

    Also I'm napping Middlesbrough to beat Man U 2mro at 7/1!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi Jac


    2.30: Spanish Moon

    3.10: Delegator

    4.20: Infiraad

    Reserve: 3.45 Amour Propre


    2.35: Heaven Sent

    3.15: Rainbow View

    5.00: Take The Hint

    Reserve: 4.25 Footstepsofspring

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  • 4 years ago

    Well done Kezza with your 22-1 nap. Excellent tipping. Just make sure there are no heroics like that in Des's comp tomorrow! 3-25 Tatenen 4-15 Comply or Die 5-00 Nortonthorpe Lad (nap) Reserve: 2-15 Osana Good Luck All

  • 1 decade ago

    Already backed these two

    2000 G's Cityscape

    3.45 kings Apostle

    4.20 Aunt Nicola

    1000 G's Lahaleeb

    2.00 Storyland

    3.50 Evens and Odds

    The ground may just suit Cityscape, but a pal of mine has it on good authority Rick van Winkle wont be beat and keeps telling me so.

    I backed and watched Lahaleeb's last win and was very impressed and only managed to get 16s on him. Before the race he was 33/1. Just backed him again at 14s so fingers, eyes and everything else crossed.

  • Sam G
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    1 decade ago

    Hey Jac...

    Great little mini comp.... Des wud be proud !! LOL

    Here are mine...


    2.00 Flipando

    3.10 Evasive

    3.45 Borderlescot

    Res. 4.55 Spring of Fame


    2.00 Hatton Flight (has to be really doesn't it !!)

    3.15 Lahaleeb

    3.50 Thebes

    Resv. 5.35 Dubai Crest

    Good Luck to everyone..


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thanks for doing this comp jac, I've made sure I have posted 1 day early because a few hours early doesn't seem to count in the other comp ;)


    3.10 Evasive, 3.45 Armour Propre, 4.20 Folsomprisonblues


    2.00 Precision Break, 3.15 Heart Shaped, Snoqualmie Girl

    Good Luck Everybody!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    all i know is pursuit of glory is getting backed a lot in ireland, started at 66/1 now into 33/1 its in the 1000 Guineas race, probly worth a punt each way

  • des
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    1 decade ago

    hi jac xx only just spotted this comp after you mentioned it in the sat comp. i shall add my selections sat morning xxxxx

    youve done a great job jac xxxxwelldone

    time = 1155 sat am

    today jac ,

    200 === king charles

    230 === spanish moon

    310 === EVASIVE nap



    235====heaven sent

    315====RAINBOW VIEW nap

    thanks jac have a great day in your back garden xxx

    wish my garden backed on to racing head quarters xx

    look forward to sun nite when you crown me xx

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