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Bank account overdrawn; running balance unavailable...?

I have a checking account with National City and the other day, I had 6 pending items that didn't go through yet (checking account updates at midnight every business day). My account was -$9.44 overdrawn. So I went to the ATM about an hour before midnight and deposited $5, which brought it up to -$4.44, but I couldn't transfer the other $5.00 from my savings into my checking. So at home, I went onto the bank's website and accessed my account. I was able to transfer it into my checking account, which went into effect immediately. By then, it was already a quarter till midnight and my account was supposedly fine, with the current balance at .55 cents, but the available balance was still at -$4.44. Fast forward two hours later and my account is overdrawn again at -$215.45. However, when I view the account activity, the running balance info is missing and some of the pending items from the day before is also missing. I was wondering if the computer hasn't updated entirely and is only showing the overdraft balance as it would have been if I didn't deposit both the amounts in?

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    1 decade ago
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    Sometimes thats possible but I would call my bank because they can give you the run down on what you might or might not owe. Then you can go from there.

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