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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

men are smarter than women

I am going to have a debate on the theme that"men are smarter than women".It would be advantage if anyone can provide some information or evidence in both pro and con sides.The more information or stronger reasons you give,the more chance you get this 20 points(best answer).

I am looking forward for your favour answer or suggestion.

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  • aShlEy
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    1 decade ago
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    1 men have bigger brains, acts faster, have more brains tissues,get more nobel prize

    "It's a very reasonable hypothesis that you just need more brain tissue . But when it comes to Nobel Prize winners, he said that men could outnumber women 10-to-1. "Where it will really show up is at the very high end of the distribution," Rushton said. tend to show more variability than females in intelligence tests, which could skew the broader statistical results in favor of the males, she said.

    women have is conscientiousness." Rushton said "women will always do better" in an environment that emphasizes continual assessment (such as a quarter's worth of coursework) rather than one big effort (such as a final exam or project).


    1 bigger brains don't mean they are cleverer, becuase the it only helps jugement

    Calvin postulates that a big brain may have made our ancestors better hunters by improving their throwing accuracy. Or perhaps it allowed for the development of a rudimentary language of three-word sentences.But none of these subtle advances, according to Calvin, led to the emergence of behaviorally modern humans.

    2 girls do better in school , with quicker reaction, even for physically weak subjects

    A new study of 8,000 people age 2 to 90 found females handle timed tasks more quickly than males. On the portions of standardized tests that reflected processing speed, and among those age 14-18 in the study sample, girls scored an average of 105.5 whereas boys scored 97.4.

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    4 mature than men

    females mature faster ... so this masks the cognitive development," he said. In his view, it's a biological fact that males catch up and surpass the females as they mature.

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    3 social presure

    "We're not really saying whether this is a genetic or an environmental factor," Rushton said. "We think it's probably both,

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    but the fact that it shows up on the g factor rather than on specific types of items, inclines against that view" of society putting pressure on girls.

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