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我想請教有關英文翻譯的問題!! 關於醫學上的


For a long time, cause the body movement function to lack the patient and functional degradation person of other health because of congenital or acquired factor, unable there are action convenience and independence like healthy ordinary person. So have difficulty getting about personage and speech as to lower extremities, the wheelchair becomes the indispensable tool to ride instead of walk.

請各位大大幫忙修改一下英文的部份!! 謝謝

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    For a long time, patients who lost their ability of body movement or degradation of other body functions due to congenital or acquired diseases, are unable to move freely or independently like other healthy individuals.

    Therefore, for those disables, using wheelchair as their moving tool become indispensable.


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    002 之修改簡直不知所云,

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    For long, will cause the bodily movement function flaw patient as well as the other bodily functionality degeneration because of congenital or day after tomorrow factor, will be unable like average man of the health to have the motion convenience and the independence. Therefore, speaking of the lower limb moving about with difficulty public figure, the wheelchair becomes the indispensable riding instead of walking tool.



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