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1.Why is concrete the most widely used engineering material?

2.How many types of voids are present in a hydrated cement paste? What are their typical dimensions?

3.Draw a typical sketch showing how the structure of hydration products in the aggregate-cement paste transition zone is different from the bulk cement paste in concrete.

4.Many factors have an influence on the compressive strength of concrete. Briefly explain which one of the two options listed below will result in higher strength at 28 days:

(a)Water/cement ratio of 0.5 vs 0.4 .

(b)Moist curing temperature of 25℃ vs 10℃.

(c)Using test cylinder of size 150 by 300 mm vs 75 by 150 mm.

(d)For the compression test using a loading rate of 250 psi/sec vs 50 psi/sec.

(e)Testing the specimens in a saturated condition vs air-dry condition.

5.Define the terms: basic creep, specific creep, drying creep, and creep coefficient.

6.Shrinkage strain after age 7 days can be predicted as a function of ultimate shrinkage shrinkage strain according to the recommendations of ACI Committee 209. Please write the function down.

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    ( a )水/水泥比0.5比0.4 。

    (二)濕固化溫度25 ℃與10 ℃ 。

    ( c )利用測試缸大小150 300毫米與75的150毫米。

    ( d )在壓縮試驗使用負荷率為250磅/秒與50磅/秒。



    6.Shrinkage應變歲後7天內可以預見的職能,最終收縮收縮應變根據國際機場協會的建議,委員會209 。請寫下來的功能。

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  • ricky
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    Are you majored in Material Engineering? Just curious :)

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