aerodactyl help! pokemon platinum?

i want plan to make aero's build based around stealth rock.

aerodactyl 1-

naive(-sp.def +sp)/pressure

hp 67

atk 50

def 33

sp atk 32

sp def 32

sp 64

aerodactyl 2-

adamant(+atk -sp atk)/pressure

hp 65

atk 57

def 34

sp atk 26

sp def 39

sp 63

now my question is that which one should i use?

aerodactyl 1 has the + speed that i need but it has - sp def. a win/lose

aerodactyl 2 has +atk and sp atk doesnt matter. a win/win

stats right now has its ups and downs but it will change as it levels so its hard to base it just on the stats it has right now.

for those who say to get jolly(-sp atk +sp)/pressure, its hard to get it specifically. as i wait for an answer, i should try to get jolly/pressure.


please include why. they both look good >_<

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    1 decade ago
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    Aerodactyl @ Focus Sash


    Jolly (Spe+, SpAtk -)

    EVs: 4 HP/252 ATK/252 SPE


    -Stealth Rock

    -Earthquake/Ice Fang

    -Rock Slide/Stone Edge

    Jolly nature and EVs give acceptable speed. Focus Sash is for guaranteeing Stealth Rock. Cripple leads with high-power type coverage. Earthquake is for T-tar and other common leads while Ice Fang covers Salamence. Rock Slide for flinches/accuracy, Stone Edge for raw power. Both get stab. Taunt ruins set-ups like Gyara and Azelf, normally forcing a switch.

  • 1 decade ago

    for a stealth rock setup... i think it would be jolly, not naive becuz it will suck on sp def wise, and pressure. for the ev distribution, basically max out spd and attack the rest on hp. for the moves: 1st set: earthquake, stealth rock, taunt, icefang/aerial ace. 2nd set: Stealth rock, taunt, ice fang, stealth rock/ rockslide you should also get the item focus sash it will leave you with one hp if you are normally supposed to get killed in one hit, so that will ensure a stealth rock. taunt is to stop tyrans or sweepers to setup and try to sweep your team for the time being. since being jolly and with the assumption that your aero will have decent speed, you can outrun common OUs. also i would just quit on those two. also the pokemon summaries have chances on its possible iv outcomes. basically you probably want an aero with the summary of alert to sounds/likes to run/ something fast and hope for the best iv after you have ev trained it properly. and id say the naive nature has a better chance than the adamant

  • 1 decade ago

    aereodactyl 2.

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