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National Search and Rescue School? Coast Guard/Air Force?

Hi I'm 20 and plan on becoming a reserve or joining full time. I plan on getting a bachelors in something within the next 3-4 years if possible. I have one more semester at my local community college and I will graduate with an Associates in Liberal Arts. I plan on going into a health care related profession and want to become affiliated with the military. Will I still be given the G.I. bill? Will I be on a rank of E-1, E-2, E-3? Will the associates I'm getting advance me to E-3 after basic training? So many questions, so little time.

Here is the link for the NSARS:

Is this a great way to kick start my career in homeland security/health care?

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    Associates degrees themselves don't get you advanced enlistment, but the college credit you earned does.

    In semester hours:

    Air Force: E-2 is 20, E-3 is 45

    Coast Guard: E-2 is 30

    Navy: E-2 is 24, E-3 is 48

    Army: E-2 is 24, E-3 is 48, E-4 for 4-year degree

    Marine: E-2 is 12

    With a bachelors degree, you can commission as an officer into any service. If you're looking to be a health care officer, you the standard degree in the area you'd like to work.

    Both enlisted personnel and officers can serve in SAR. The CG is designated as the only federal agency responsible for maritime SAR (though the Air Guard participates) and the AF is the one responsible for federal-level inland SAR. AF SAR crews are also tasked with medevacing, etc in theater and SPECOPS PJs are responsible for rescuing downed personnel in combat theaters.

    So, plenty to do if you're looking to mix military and health care! There are many ways to get involved, but the first step should really be to talk to recruiters from the CG and AF (and any other services you're interested in learning about). Good luck!

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    True, from what I've researched, there are no jobs requiring liberal arts degrees except language interpreters, which still need to know several languages such as arabic, portugese, and other languages. spanish is like a defacto language. if you want to rescue people, try the coast guard.

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    Some how I don't see the military and a liberal arts degree mixing too well. They're like polar opposites. But hey, I'm might be wrong. They said that there could never be anybody worse than Bush.

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