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iphone vs samsung memoir?

which is better

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Memoir is so much more unique, and soon, t-mobile is coming out with their own app store available for all t-mobile phones. article>> iPhone's Camera is terrible, a 2 megapixel camera vs. the 8 megapixel Memoir, obviously, that's where the memoir shines.

    The Memoir is also known as the latest iPhone killer, however The Memoir isn't close to the iPhones internet speed.

    It depends what your looking for,

    a phone specifically for internet use, or a phone that's meant for beautiful pictures and videos.

    In my opinion, I love the Memoir ":D.

    But test them both out, that's what I did. You never know, you might want to look at other phones before you make a final decission,they give you about 1-2 weeks before you can return them.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The iphone

    i was in the same dilemma a couple days ago and tested them both out & I def. was more satisfied with the iphone. although the camera is better on the memoir, speed is faster on the iphone. Also there are more applications you can have with the iphone and in my personal opinion it looks slicker.

    because the samsung memoir is just out there's still a few glitches to be fixed. The iphone has had many new updates over the few years its been out, and its def. worth the investment.

    most places let you test out the phone for 2 wks. and if your not satisfied you can return it. try doing it with both phones and see which you like better.

    hope this helped!

    Source(s): iphone owner
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  • 3 years ago

    basically with samsung you may customize it greater however the app keep isnt as sturdy because of the fact the iphone's. additionally there is greater classified ads with google android. execs: super personalisation Cons: a great number of classified ads, no longer as many apps (android marketplace remains youthful however ) seems somewhat gruesome Iphone: the iphone is amazingly basic to apply,the app keep is loaded its horny, you cant personalise it as plenty execs:basic to apply seems captivating horny and app keep loaded Cons:no longer as plenty personalisation Iphone is bigger genuine now im no longer a fanboy i think of quickly android will seize up and apple will with apple yet genuine now its apple yet in some years that is going to be very close

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You should so get an IPhone!!!!

    It is amazing! :) The most amazing phone ever! :D

    Source(s): I have an Iphone
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