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How can you convert cell phone voice mail to any audio?

I want to find a program where it can convert your cell phone voice mail to audio and you can save it as mp3, wav etc. I came across this site called but you have to sign up and pay 9.95 for it. Is there a free site or program that does this?


question 2:

I am also looking for ways to save yahoo email messages and convert them to .wps, .doc. .rtc so i can open them in works / word pad etc? Is there a way this can be done without doing it manually? possibly with something thats free.

Thank you for your responses


on the phone for an input, i just have a headphone jack. How can that work?

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    1) Getting your voicemail INTO the computer is the problem. I'd suggest a recorder or audio cable, personally.

    2) There is a way to open Yahoo! webmail in POP3 email clients. Would that be more useful?


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