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Is it weird or polite to say "Good Morning" to strangers on the street?

In the morning as i'm heading off to school, i usually say Good morning to the adults that live around my street if i pass by them.

Would it be odd to say good morning to complete strangers on the street?

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    Saying "good morning" to strangers in this day and age, is odd because hardly anyone does it and you also need to protect yourself from any strange people. There are a lot of secretly volatile people in the world and if you meet one and create a connection with them then they may just focus on you, this is why children are raised to be aware of "stranger danger".

    If I were you, I'd stay with greeting the people I know and that my family knows for safety's sake. Nobody will think less of you for not going about greeting the world. As a female, you've really got to be aware of your personal safety.

    - Pepper.

  • Terri
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    It's VERY polite - keep doing it & the next thing you know everybody you pass by will be doing the same. Play a game with yourself - see how many grumpy people you can make smile in one day. Try to top it the next day.

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    1 decade ago

    yes, it's weird !!

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    people say good moring here all the time.To me I find it strange cause prior to moving here I lived in a really bad neighborhood where saying good morning would get you shot to death.I think it depends on where you live but I see nothing wrong with saying good morning to strangers...the world needs more friendly people.

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    saying hello to strangers is something your mother should have taught you never to do. This is how kids get picked up and never heard from again.

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    I don't think it is odd to say Good Morning to strangers in fact it just shows you have good manners.

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    it depends

    if i know there name n if i have seen them around my neighborhood they i will say "G' morning"

    if i have never seen them before n if they dont look familiar then i dont say anything

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    I don't think so.

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    I don't think so. I appreciated it when people say good morning or hello to me randomly.

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