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David Archuleta's Touch My Hand?

lol i dont really understand his lyrics.

i mean i understand his first part...

"saw you from the distance, saw you from the stage, somethin' 'bout the look in your eyes somethin' bout your beautiful face."

i understand that this is prolly from his point of view.

then this part

"there was only you.... never knew what this song was about but suddenly now i do.... trying to reach out to you... touch my hand... reach out as far as you can...."

this it makes sense for this to kinda be from a fan's point of view... right? dontcha agree? like id expect a fan to reach out so hard that they cant even breathe to have the chance to touch his hand. i mean i know id die to touch his hand. its not everyday a fan gets to touch david's hand and anyone whos lucky enough to get front row tickets and touch his hand will prolly remember that forever where as david prolly touched millions of fans' hands evryday and doesnt remember half of the hands he touches. lol

and then this also sounds like a fan's point of view.

"can't let the music stop.... cant let this feeling end... cuz i do itll all be over ill never get the chance again.... cant let the the music stop until i touch your hand cuz if i do itll all be over ill never see you..." again...

this also reminds me of a fan's point of view.....

does it make sense for you???

its kinda confusing but thats what makes me love david even more!!! because he's just so spontaneous and cute and sweet and.... yeah i love him with all my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ily DAVIDDDD!!!!!!!!



peace love archuleta.

live. laugh. love david archuleta.




i love this 'touch my hand' music video!!!!!!! altho its not original...

but i still love how its edited!!!!


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    "i'll never see you again" i think is from his view, cuz once the concert/song is over he will never see her again =]


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    Both David and the fans have to reach to touch hands.



    In the song, which is from the stage perspective, he is trying to reach out to her and wants her to reach out to him. If she isn't even reaching he would never be able to touch her hand. Both have to reach.

    Can't let the music stop is again from David's view. His usually only touches hands in one or two songs. He does not want the song to end because he has not touched that girl's hand yet. And when the concert is over, he will never see her again.

    This song was written for David based on his ideas.

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    Yeah, that makes sense, that's what I've always thought since the first time I listened to that song. I've always thought it was about him singing onstage and reaching out to a fan or something, haha.

    If he touched MY hand, I would never ever wash it again, lmao. Omg that would be waaaaay awesome. I would totally faint. Lol.

    But yeahh, I love this song so much, it's one of my favorites from his album. <3

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    yea like from an audience's point of view, or if the girl was in the audience.. lol. idk. but i LOVE that song. and MANY others!!!!!!!!! <3<3 David rocks my socks!

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    Music category.

    That's the where you post music questions.

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